Noosa Triathlon Entires to Re-open Tuesday 8th June

Such was the demand for places at the 28th Noosa Triathlon that the server crashed when the site opened for entries, leaving thousands frustrated. USM believes it has now resolved the issues and set a new date for entries opening.

The response to Noosa Triathlon entries opening on Tuesday morning was astounding to say the least. In its 28th year the Noosa Triathlon has grown from a small event of 180 people and in recent years has proved itself to be a “must-do” event for thousands of Australians. This is an overwhelming result for the sport of triathlon, for Noosa and we at USM are proud to be able to deliver such a loved event.

We made the decision on Tuesday to postpone the opening date once the system collapsed under the pressure of the demand. This was in the interest to provide everyone a fair chance to enter the event in better online circumstances. Again we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience of Tuesday’s events and understand your frustrations.

We have worked through the issue with our IT company who are able to provide us with a system that is catered for the sheer load of traffic that is expected for the Noosa Triathlon.

Individual Competitors: Tuesday 8th June at 9am
Team Competitors: Wednesday 9th June at 9am

Due to the situation at hand our offices have been inundated with calls and emails. If you have contacted our office in the last 48 hours please be assured that we will endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience.