Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Festival Entries Delayed

The Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Festival, to be held Oct 27-31 2010, has had a hiccup as the entries opened today. The websites servers could not keep up with the demand and crashed. It is expected that entries will open next week. Read article for further details from USM Events.

Entries into the 2010 Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Festival have been suspended until further notice after opening online to an overwhelming demand this morning at 9am.

Despite the assurances from our internet service provider that the system would more than cope with the demand, and after numerous attempts to reset the system, organisers were forced to close it down completely.

Geoff Meyer, Managing Director of USM EVENTS, says the popularity of the triathlon is astounding and although we anticipated high traffic the system was unable to handle the volume.

“It’s very disappointing this has happened despite putting in measures as advised by our service provider including moving the Noosa Triathlon event to a separate server to cope with this.

“We are now working through these issues with them to get entries back up online as soon as possible and anticipate re-opening in a weeks’ time to ensure we adequately communicate the new on sale date making it a fair process for everyone.

 “We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience, understanding many people had rearranged their schedules and even taken time off work to make sure they didn’t miss out on an entry. We feel the same frustration having been assured it would work,” added Meyer.
The system will remain closed until an acceptable solution is found before reopening. In the meantime USM EVENTS will continue to communicate via their website and enews letter of the progress as it comes to hand.

Once again we apologise for this unfortunate incident and assure our customers we are working very hard to rectify the issues as hastily as possible to ensure a smooth process.