Patagonia's Ultimate Challenge Returns: Patagonman 2023 Triathlon Takes Over Southern Chile

Patagonman 2023 returns on December 3rd with a lottery system for 300 participants, featuring a 3.8 km swim, 180 km cycle, and 42.2 km run.

Patagonia's Ultimate Challenge Returns: Patagonman 2023 Triathlon Takes Over Southern Chile

Get ready for the most extreme triathlon in the world as Patagonman returns this 2023. On Sunday, December 3, athletes from all over the world will be challenged to push their limits in the rugged terrain of southern Chile. This point-to-point full ironman distance race is the ultimate test of endurance and strength.

The Big Picture: Patagonman made a triumphant return in December 2022 with champions Ben Hoffman (USA) and Caroline Livesey (UK), after a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic. The organisation is now preparing for a new batch of applicants who are eager to live the adventure.

What They're Saying: Athletes who have completed Patagonman have dubbed it as the most epic triathlon in the world, with past participants like Tim Don (UK), Lucy Gossage (UK), Allan Hovda (NOR), and Saleta Castro (ESP) all eager to return to the challenging course.

Context: Registration for Patagonman 2023 opens today and is based on a lottery system that will allocate the highly-coveted 300 slots to participate in the race. The selected athletes will be notified via email in March. The funds generated from the lottery will go directly to social initiatives in the Aysén Patagonia region.

Noteworthy: The field of competitors for Patagonman 2023 is expected to be even stronger than before, with world champions from multiple distances of the sport already confirmed to participate. The 17-hour race consists of a 3.8 km swim, a 180 km bike ride, and a 42.2 km run, all through the breathtaking landscape of southern Chile.

Each athlete must have a support person to help with food, hydration, equipment, and mechanics, and starting from km 30 of the run, the support person can join the athlete to the finish line.

The great triathlete and trainer Mark Livesey was released. This documentary tells the experience of the 2022 women's champion, Caroline Livesey, and provides lots of interesting information about the race.