Pete Jacobs wins Ironman Philippines 70.3 Triathlon 2010

Pete Jacobs has gone three better than his return race at Challenge Roth last month and won his first 70.3 race. Not bothered by the heat Pete ran well and finished fast while most of the other top athletes look like the heat was a debilitating factor in the run. (Click here to see Pete&

Pete Jacobs  has gone three better than  his return race at Challenge Roth last month and won his first 70.3 race. Not bothered by the heat Pete ran well and finished fast while most of the other top athletes look like the heat was a debilitating factor in the run. (Click here to see Pete’s blog about the race today)

Pete felt that this was his strongest race ever and is bullish about his preparation for Hawaii with his confidence at an all time high. Some of the guys felt the run was long with Pete saying he ran a faster pace than 1:21. There was also a mix up as Jacobs entered transition off the bike and was lead the wrong way. This cost him around 30 seconds and a slower recorded bike time but luckily it did not affect the outcome of the race.

Leon Griffin  has come back from almost a month off in Bendigo. Leon’s achilies injury forced him to take stock and spend some time getting it right back home.

While home in Bendigo Leon took time out to work on the construction of his house with his girlfriend and also held down a ‘real’ job at Bendigo bank.

Michellie Jones  was edged out by  Canadian Magali Tisseyre. Michellie came 6th at Rhode Island 70.3 in July, a race won by Australian Kate Major, and went 4 better today with a solid performance. Tisseyre recently won the Vancouver half ironman in a time of 4:12.

Rachel Paxton raced the Mooloolaba triathlon this year finishing 3rd. She has stepped up well to the longer distance with still a little bit of work to do on all three legs.

Courtney Ogden, 5th  today, has raced two ironman and two half ironman races this year with a 2nd place at the end of June in the Ironman Coeur D’alene in Idaho behind Andy Potts but ahead of Australians Luke Bell, Chris McDonald and Matty White.

Men’s Results

1JACOBS, PETE29/MPRO0:24:522:09:291:21:153:58:41
2BOZZONE, TERENZO25/MPRO0:25:032:09:241:28:284:05:54
3CRONEBORG, FREDRIK30/MPRO0:27:142:14:291:29:044:14:36
4GRIFFIN, LEON30/MPRO0:26:152:08:261:39:274:17:30
5OGDEN, COURTNEY38/MPRO0:27:082:19:481:30:024:21:00
6FELBABEL, ERICH32/MPRO0:31:142:16:461:40:234:32:36
7ANDERSON, AJ31/M30-340:30:322:21:431:38:194:34:20
8CATIIL, NEIL24/M18-240:29:462:25:031:38:244:37:10
9GRANT, PREDDY24/M18-240:28:452:24:331:42:214:40:38
10MACASIEB, ARLAND35/M35-390:29:302:25:581:43:364:44:08
11LEONG, SHEM34/M30-340:34:132:22:091:43:334:44:51
12BENEDICTO, AUGUST26/M25-290:41:422:20:361:45:344:51:21
13JOPSON, NOY37/M35-390:31:042:24:231:55:004:54:32
14COVEY, CLINT37/M35-390:30:372:26:101:53:274:56:02
15CATABIAN, FERDINAND32/M30-340:30:092:26:301:53:084:56:18
16PENALOSA, FRANKLIN33/M30-340:38:492:23:461:49:044:56:37
17PICARD, RAYNARD30/M30-340:33:512:23:101:55:274:57:11
18PIACHAUD, JAMES34/M30-340:35:102:27:161:51:134:58:14
19THIRLWALL, MARK33/M30-340:35:112:32:281:45:064:58:23
20CANDELARIA, MARK39/M35-390:32:032:25:001:57:334:58:55
21CLARABAL, ELMO30/M30-340:43:082:22:411:48:464:59:20
22GALDONEZ, RAYZON37/M35-390:34:472:20:581:57:484:59:21
23TAYAG, RENE36/M35-390:39:232:23:541:52:515:01:00
24LORENZO, MARTIN38/M35-390:39:272:24:211:52:055:01:32
25ELLIS, MARK41/M40-440:32:372:27:171:55:595:02:34
26ALINDOGAN, ALBINO53/M50-540:33:482:24:081:59:005:02:42
27MONNARD, OLIVIER33/M30-340:35:302:26:461:54:225:03:01
28RA A, BENJAMIN25/M25-290:35:202:21:332:01:335:03:17
29ATENTO, PHILIP31/M30-340:39:572:22:231:57:205:03:56
30GONZALEZ, RODRIGO42/M40-440:38:572:25:201:52:445:05:28
31EYAO, CHRISTOPHER35/M35-390:44:342:23:461:51:235:05:41
32HARDMAN, TOM34/M30-340:32:412:26:372:01:335:05:49
33MACALINTAL, DANTE41/M40-440:39:562:20:421:58:505:06:19
34MOK, ADRIAN35/M35-390:35:532:20:412:04:595:06:35
35CHINALPAN, ANDREW JR37/M35-390:43:222:18:191:59:165:06:46
36WALTON, BEN28/M25-290:38:322:34:311:47:275:07:16
37LOPEZ, MIGUEL33/M30-340:35:482:35:121:50:285:07:24
38SALVADOR, NOEL37/M35-390:31:512:23:502:08:135:08:20
39DUFFY, PAUL45/M45-490:36:012:22:512:01:435:08:24
40ALMENDRAL, DAVID40/M40-440:37:102:23:322:01:425:09:01
41TAKEI, HIROSHI38/M35-390:30:282:29:552:04:54