PTO releases new world ranking system to promote fairness in professional triathlon

The Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO) has introduced a new, updated version of the Rankings System that is more transparent & objective.

PTO releases new world ranking system to promote fairness in professional triathlon

The Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO) has announced an updated version of the PTO World Rankings System (PTO WRS) designed to reward performance regardless of where athletes choose to race and who they race against. The new system is more transparent, objective and reflective of professional triathletes' race performances over a season.

The big picture: The original PTO WRS was created to recognize the performances of professional triathletes in a COVID-affected professional sport. However, the PTO has listened to feedback from athletes, fans, and the media to create a system that brings greater clarity, credibility, and unity to the sport's rankings.

What they are saying: The Athlete Rankings Committee, which includes professional athletes Ruth Astle (GBR), Antony Costes (FRA), Renee Kiley (AUS), Jackson Laundry (CAN), and Danielle Lewis (USA), worked tirelessly to develop a system that met the four core principles of transparency, objectivity, simplicity, and fairness.

PTO World #22 Ruth Astle praised the committee's work in creating a system that will reward good racing at the most competitive events and make it easier for athletes to know what points they can expect from a race, and for fans to understand how those points were awarded. The system also offers developing athletes a clearer pathway to increase their ranking at lower-tier competitions.

Context: Under the new PTO WRS, there are five race tiers: Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze, with different point drop-offs between finishing positions that reflect each tier's relative weightings of prestige and competitiveness. Each tier has base points, with the first finisher being awarded the full base points and further positions dropping off in points from there. These tier position points make up 40% of the overall PTO WRS scoring calculation.

The strength of field (SOF), calculated by the average PTO World Ranking Points of the top five starters at a race, means that the stronger a field of race starters, the more points will be on offer. SOF accounts for 30% of the overall PTO WRS scoring calculation.

Noteworthy: An effective PTO World Ranking System is crucial to spotlight the sport's superstars and create a season-long narrative for fans to follow. The new PTO WRS will help professional triathletes to plan their season and judge potential scores ahead of time. The system rewards exceptional performances based on finishing times compared to other athletes in the same race. The PTO World Rankings System is set to benefit both the short and long term of the professional triathlon sport.