Shotz Sports Nutrition Kona swim and breakfast with Pete Jacobs

Shotz Sports Nutrition Kona swim and breakfast with Pete Jacobs
Some of the breakfast crew

Shotz Sports Nutrition organised a swim and breakfast for a group of Australia triathletes this morning with Ironman World Champion title contender Pete Jacobs. As one of the top guys in the sport Jacobs is finding this week a little more hectic than previous races here. He is now one of the main guys that the media want to talk to.

Shotz plays a big part in Jacobs racing particularly at Kona. Owner of Shotz, Melbourne based Darryl Griffiths is a walking encyclopedia on sport nutrition. With a background in food technology and years studying exercise physiology Darryl has built a passion and knowledge that is hard to find in the sport. There are a lot of people that have knowledge but to get someone with Darryl’s passion and insight is rare. We have heard stories over the last year or so from many top triathletes (age groupers and pros) who have fixed long term nutrition issues after seeking Darryl’s advice.

At the swim / breakfast this morning were Pete and Jaimie Jacobs, Evan and Nicole Gallagher from BPM Sport, Gregory Farrell, Angus McGilvray, Caitlin Bridgland, Wes and Rhiannon Snipe and Ollie Allan and Sarah Grove from Tri Alliance in Melbourne.

We had a great swim out along the swim course and got back in time for an organised breakfast across the road. Pete shot off for an interview then came back to join us and talk about the race this weekend.