The Collins Cup: A Novel Triathlon Tournament that will Determine the Toughest Team

Here's our quick overview of The Collins Cup. It's an all-new triathlon format featuring the world's top-ranked triathletes competing in teams. There is a total of 12 three-person races that will take place on 28th August in Samorin, Slovakia.

The Collins Cup: A Novel Triathlon Tournament that will Determine the Toughest Team

The Collins Cup, with an exciting novel format, is bringing the world’s top triathletes to Samorin, Slovakia on August 28. Certainly, the tournament is unlike any other triathlon event for its unique Ryder Cup-inspired format, thorough broadcasting style, and the contest of the toughest of the triathletes.

The triathletes will be competing in the form of teams which are team USA, team Europe and team International. Each team will have 12 of the top PTO-ranked athletes from their respective regions. The team with the most points will conquer the trophy, as well as a huge prize purse of $1.5 million.

What is the Racing Format? : The tournament features a total of 12 races. In all the races, one athlete from each team will compete in a three-person matchup to earn the maximum score. The races are scheduled to start off with 10 minutes intervals. Though the athletes will contest individually, their scores will determine the overall score of the team which eventually decides the winning team.

The course of the Game: The course of the races consists of 12km of swimming, 80 km of biking and 18 km of running.

How Matchups are Made: The Matchups for each of the 12 races will be decided through a draft process taking place on 25th August. In the drafts, a team captain will have to select an athlete from his/her team first, captains of other teams will select their athletes for the matchups correspondingly. Each team will go first, second and third in the drafts four times separately.

Captain-Athlete Communication: The athletes will be mic’ed to interact with their team captains during the running and biking segments of the races.  Furthermore, this communication will be broadcasted along with the races.

How Races are Scored: In all the races, 3, 2, and 1 point are granted to 1st position, 2nd position, and 3rd position respectively.  Besides, if the +6 mins difference is secured an additional 1.5 points are awarded. The point for +4 minutes difference is 1, while it is 0.5 for the difference of +2 minutes.