The Rise of Arena Games Triathlon: Revolutionising the World of Triathlon

Super League introduced a game-changing short course race in 2019, combining real-world and virtual competition. The Arena Games has become a world championship event and could become an Olympic sport.

The Rise of Arena Games Triathlon: Revolutionising the World of Triathlon

Super League Triathlon (SLT) made history in 2019 by introducing a game-changing short course race that shook up the triathlon world. This innovative competition drew the attention of the world's top athletes and offered the largest prize money in the sport, quickly gaining popularity among TV audiences.

When the world was hit by a pandemic, the SLT team saw an opportunity to create something truly unique. They introduced the Arena Games Triathlon, a race that combines the real world with the virtual world through a blend of Olympic-sized pool swimming and virtual competition in Zwift. This groundbreaking concept caught the eye of World Triathlon, which made a deal to make the 2022 race series an official world championship event.

The Arena Games Triathlon series has been a huge success, with the first five events proving to be hugely popular among athletes and fans alike. In fact, its success has sparked discussions about the potential for it to become an Olympic sport one day. This race was born out of necessity during the pandemic, but has since become a true testament to the resilience and creativity of the triathlon community.

As triathlon continues to evolve and expand, the Arena Games Triathlon is at the forefront, leading the charge and inspiring the world. With its combination of real-world and virtual competition, it has become a beloved and revolutionary part of the sport. This exciting new race is a true game-changer and a must-watch for all fans of triathlon in 2023.