Tim Reed and Lisa Marangon win Canberra 70.3 Ironman

Tim Reed and Lisa Marangon have today taken out the Canberra 70.3 Ironman. Reed did well to back up after a tough 70.3 race in Phuket last weekend, which saw him crash on the slippery wet course. Today he suffered no such problems to take out the race in 4:00:46, four minutes ahead of Matt […

Tim Reed and Lisa Marangon have today taken out the Canberra 70.3 Ironman. Reed did well to back up after a tough 70.3 race in Phuket last weekend, which saw him crash on the slippery wet course. Today he suffered no such problems to take out the race in 4:00:46, four minutes ahead of Matt Bailey with Josh Maeder in third. Pre-race favourite and defending champion Ollie Whistler pulled the pin 30k into the bike after suffering mechanical issues on top of health issues.

The word is Whistler was having problems with the new electronics. This was most likely a settling in issue as his bike was brand new. Joey Lampe unfortunately flatted out of the race along with many people. There seemed to be a larger than normal number of flats most likely due to the rain.

Tim Reed was feeling very flat coming in to this race after a tough race last weekend. Reed ran a blistering 1:13 last weekend and this really had an impact today. Coming out the water around 1 1/2 minutes down on the swim leaders Reed was always going to be pushing the redline today. “I really struggled today in the swim and my goal was to limit the damage I would face from the faster swim guys. I stuck with Ollie Whistler as I knew he was one of the stronger riders and would work with him to get back in touch with the leaders.” One of Reed’s major concerns was Joey Lampe. Lampe is getting visibly faster every race he does. He knew Lampe was up ahead and riding hard. “We hit the road and ended up getting sent the wrong way at one stage losing another minute to the leaders. Ollie unfortunately had some mechanical issues and retired. Then I was focused on getting back in to the race. I caught the field and eventually there was only Matt Bailey ahead.”

Reed came in to T2 to see Bailey putting his shoes on an they headed out on to the run together. Bailey, Reed, Josh Maeder and Monty Frankish where all there at this stage along with Michael Fox who had a great race. “I decided to put in an early surge and got away from the guys. I realistically thought I only had a good 10kms in my legs. Last week in Phuket I was flying on the run, talking, laughing and really enjoying it. Today was a completely different story. I struggle from the outset and every step was a chore today. Not once did I think I had the race won. I could feel cramps coming on during the entire run and felt they were only a step away.”

Reed would also have been delighted with the woman’s result which saw Lisa Marangon, who is coached by Reed, take the title ahead of defending champion Michelle Wu. Marangon finished in a time of 4:24:41 nearly six minutes ahead of Wu, who was also coming off the back of the tough Phucket race. Rounding out the podium places for the woman was Nicole Ward, who achieved a second podium spot in as many races, having also finished third at Shepperton.

Meantime Lisa Marangon led the women’s race, Michelle WU chasing in second and the results behind them changing as Nicole Ward from Freshwater in Sydney ran through the field into third.

After completing a number of races recently and doing it tough in each Marangon decided to get a blood test to see what might be causing it. “The results showed I’d had a bout of glandular fever and my iron levels were rock bottom. My doctor’s orders were: rest, recover and double my iron dose. It took a few weeks to get my health back to where it should be but the time it did improve, there was no point in trying to train more ahead of Canberra. The sessions that I was able to finish completely wiped me out. Two hours was the maximum I could train in one go.”

Marangon put her usual gap on the field in the swim leg and exited with Adam Holborow and 6th overall. Once out on the bike she knew that a decent gap needed to be put bewteen herself and Michelle Wu. “With the three loop bike course ahead, I had planned to find my rhythm in the first 30min, then make my move. The wind started to rise and the rain started to fall, but funny enough it made me stronger. I LOVED the hard conditions. I started to feel really good after the first loop and got stronger.”

Trizone heard from a few age groupers that Marangon was tearing up the course in the rain. Comments like “She flew past me like I was standing still” have been thrown around.

First age grouper home Sydney’s Blyth Vautier went almost 5 minutes faster than he did at Port Macquarie 70.3 in October. Blyth is racing incredibly well. In Port he was second age grouper home behind Newcastle’s Finnbar Crennan who wasn’t racing this weekend. Second age grouper was Magnus Michelsson racing in the 40-44 AG followed by closely by Cameron Hughes.

Some special mentions for a few very fast runs times by some age groupers. Sydney based Dean Degan ran a 1:23, Neil Cilkin ran a 1:21, Saxon Moseley 1:21, Michael Hill 1:21 and Dan Thompson 1:22.In the women’s race age groupers Rhiannon Snipe ran a 1:29 and Jodie Barker and Jackie Crofton ran 1:32. Some great runs by these guys and girls.

As the age group competitors headed to the finish line wild rain storms swept the Canberra area now once again cooling competitors. To add injury to insult, thunder storms moved in as the final athletes crossed the finish line.

Aside the pro field, two of the more popular competitors proved to Wild Boys star, Daniel MacPherson, and Sunrise Weekend Weatherman, James Tobin, racing in the teams event. It is good to see these guys racing.

Over 1100 athletes registered for the race on Saturday, from more than 1500 original entries, making this the biggest event of its type in Canberra, with 17 countries represented in the big field.   Leading international was Frenchman, David Bardi who finished 8th in the men’s pro field.

Top 20 Men

PosNameTimeGenCat PosSwimCycleRun
1Tim REED4:00:46MPro10:25:162:14:551:16:48
2Matt BAILEY4:04:39MPro20:23:532:15:451:20:54
3Joshua MAEDER4:06:05MPro30:23:472:18:131:20:01
4Monty FRANKISH4:07:45MPro40:26:142:13:481:23:23
5Michael KENT4:08:37MPro50:28:362:14:591:21:04
6Michael FOX4:09:22MPro60:23:542:17:191:24:34
7Lindsey WALL4:10:14MPro70:25:112:23:211:18:07
8Blyth VAUTIER4:10:34M303410:25:312:19:451:21:37
9Magnus MICHELSSON4:17:39M404410:26:382:26:231:21:10
10Cameron HUGHES4:18:21M353910:32:262:14:541:24:46
11Bardi DAVID4:20:34MPro80:25:242:21:141:29:56
12Adam GORDON4:21:31MPro90:29:422:22:461:24:59
13Bob BRACE4:21:42M353920:31:042:20:211:25:58
14Matthew KOOREY4:21:45M404420:28:532:21:581:27:01
15Matty LEWIS4:22:31M404430:34:072:18:491:24:58
16Clint VAN BEVEREN4:23:52M353930:29:512:26:091:23:29
17Scott MILSON4:24:23M353940:30:182:26:411:22:49
19Brad PAMP4:24:53M404440:29:452:25:231:24:47
20Matt RAE4:25:21M353950:32:152:24:191:23:47

Top 20 Women

PosNameTimeGenCat PosSwimCycleRun
18Lisa MARANGON4:24:41FPro10:26:182:24:571:29:21
31Michelle WU4:30:24FPro20:28:382:29:381:28:00
57Nicole WARD4:39:55FPro30:28:362:38:111:28:44
69Matilda RAYNOLDS4:42:53FPro40:28:402:35:461:34:13
105Jacinta WORLAND4:49:08FPro50:28:422:43:001:33:28
110Susan CROWE4:50:45F404410:32:552:38:381:33:29
111Rhiannon SNIPE4:50:47F252910:34:122:41:561:29:42
148Hannah LAWRENCE4:55:21FPro60:29:552:48:181:32:30
159Monica JUHART4:58:54F303410:29:222:43:061:42:17
167Julie UEBEL4:59:54F353910:33:442:38:221:41:54
174Jodie BARKER5:01:00F353920:34:312:48:461:32:42
182Michelle SINGER5:02:16F303420:34:102:46:541:35:59
188Stephanie GRAVES5:03:04F252920:34:392:39:361:43:52
200Mandy HABENER5:04:05F252930:36:072:44:101:38:31
208Jackie CROFTON5:05:19F353930:38:042:50:171:32:37
224Laura WOLFSON5:07:34F182410:33:242:45:421:42:44
225Laura HARRIS5:07:39F182420:35:262:46:511:40:40
242Susie ELLIS5:09:36F454910:39:392:43:571:41:05
258Kate WARREN5:11:42F303430:28:392:52:021:46:09
278Anna PANG5:13:52F303440:32:582:49:301:45:40

Top Ten Finishers by Age Group

PosNameTimeCatCat PosSwimCycleRun
224Laura WOLFSON5:07:34F182410:33:242:45:421:42:44
225Laura HARRIS5:07:39F182420:35:262:46:511:40:40
303Alicia JOHNSON5:17:12F182430:29:262:56:361:46:08
438Kira FLANAGAN5:32:45F182440:31:213:15:461:39:45
621Lucy BRANDON5:54:03F182450:38:282:59:572:07:54
653Tani BURGE5:57:48F182460:38:193:16:331:56:07
671Kirke MUNCH6:00:09F182470:45:303:04:172:03:29
690Millie ALLCROFT6:02:26F182480:36:563:08:422:10:41
727Jessica JEFFRIES6:07:55F182490:42:333:17:552:01:13
765Sophie NESTEL6:14:46F1824100:36:413:19:092:10:43
111Rhiannon SNIPE4:50:47F252910:34:122:41:561:29:42
188Stephanie GRAVES5:03:04F252920:34:392:39:361:43:52
200Mandy HABENER5:04:05F252930:36:072:44:101:38:31
280Gwendoline MOUSSOT5:14:14F252940:33:502:54:251:41:12
325Lisca MCCLANACHAN5:20:12F252950:34:532:52:531:45:29
360Fleur GARTON5:24:02F252960:37:583:00:381:39:12
370Laura BUCKLEY5:25:02F252970:31:472:52:181:56:13
374Amy BENNETT5:25:17F252980:33:272:45:462:00:45
400Marijke RALPH5:28:17F252990:41:173:04:571:37:17
412Melissa COCKS5:29:57F2529100:43:572:53:121:47:39
159Monica JUHART4:58:54F303410:29:222:43:061:42:17
182Michelle SINGER5:02:16F303420:34:102:46:541:35:59
258Kate WARREN5:11:42F303430:28:392:52:021:46:09
278Anna PANG5:13:52F303440:32:582:49:301:45:40
282Rowena MOORE5:14:26F303450:35:032:47:471:46:12
311Rachel WARD5:18:32F303460:38:422:44:301:48:49
319Rachael ARNOLD5:19:26F303470:34:402:50:151:49:27
335Louise ARRIGO5:21:08F303480:34:082:47:321:54:11
386Julia RUSSELL5:26:40F303490:34:322:51:461:54:20
392Carol HITCHCOCK5:27:29F3034100:39:162:54:461:48:32
167Julie UEBEL4:59:54F353910:33:442:38:221:41:54
174Jodie BARKER5:01:00F353920:34:312:48:461:32:42
208Jackie CROFTON5:05:19F353930:38:042:50:171:32:37
302Natalie WOOD5:16:53F353940:33:272:54:091:44:51
318Caty SCOTT5:19:19F353950:32:422:46:421:54:10
320Rowena SINCLAIR-SMITH5:19:34F353960:31:352:56:461:46:25
378Monique FLORES5:25:50F353970:40:093:01:551:37:42
416Carolyn BRACE5:30:28F353980:34:242:56:351:54:11
508Kelly MCCANN5:41:41F353990:43:433:03:281:48:10
532Jane HALLIBURTON5:44:05F3539100:36:093:05:021:56:18
110Susan CROWE4:50:45F404410:32:552:38:381:33:29
381Gabrielle KOPKE5:26:02F404420:35:502:57:581:46:48
413Joanne O’DWYER5:30:02F404430:40:272:45:191:59:07
646Linda MEYER5:57:20F404440:40:343:01:202:07:22
668Danielle SYME5:59:29F404450:36:582:58:102:17:37
681Belinda MCKAY6:01:19F404460:38:003:17:271:59:24
682Jodie STOCKS6:01:21F404470:32:003:22:151:59:37
710Stephanie MOLES6:04:55F404480:35:293:13:522:08:35
804Meg INGMAN6:22:54F404490:46:433:11:152:16:45
820Rebecca MOFFAT6:26:02F4044100:44:543:24:272:09:39
242Susie ELLIS5:09:36F454910:39:392:43:571:41:05
287Jenny HART5:15:16F454920:40:062:54:561:34:48
367Michelle JELLEFF5:24:34F454930:28:383:07:281:43:04
422Sharon NORTON5:31:05F454940:35:022:57:081:52:35
514Michele PURVIS5:42:05F454950:36:343:01:481:56:57
529Victoria GARAMY5:43:38F454960:38:403:03:181:56:27
549Louise MACKINLAY5:46:34F454970:37:043:06:301:56:48
562Jo CLIPPINGDALE5:48:03F454980:39:063:04:431:58:01
578Narelle MCCLELLAND5:49:45F454990:40:463:06:141:55:24
677Kerryn HARVEY6:00:59F4549100:38:293:10:492:06:01
539Belinda SHARP LESS5:45:14F505410:32:343:01:072:03:39
591Anne JONES5:51:29F505420:36:453:04:492:03:08
813Meridy DUNN6:24:24F505430:52:243:03:282:18:47
843Gina AITKEN6:31:58F505440:38:163:25:112:21:46
884Meryl CAWTE6:45:11F505450:52:243:22:442:19:51
928Maggie SQUIRES7:02:39F505460:40:163:41:362:33:40
937Jenny HOSKING7:08:03F505470:51:283:35:022:33:50
965Shirley DUDER7:30:49F505480:48:483:37:352:54:27
921Lynn DAVIES7:00:08F555910:48:043:34:152:27:48
945Lorraine ALLEN7:13:35F555920:48:373:41:042:33:28
816Anne GRUNDY6:24:51F606410:40:303:18:342:18:16
925Sue GOULD7:00:56F606420:46:413:38:152:27:06
887Karla MCKINLAY6:45:51F656910:49:523:16:422:28:34
26Brad WAUER4:28:59M182410:29:492:28:551:25:46
89Robbie HYLAND4:47:28M182420:29:392:41:521:30:05
117Benjamin TRIPODI4:51:14M182430:31:022:39:421:35:16
124Patrick NESTEL4:51:55M182440:38:192:37:031:31:38
194Rob TAYLOR5:03:23M182450:40:102:36:041:41:25
247Trent O’NEILL5:10:14M182460:32:362:34:401:56:46
333Nathan VARNISH5:20:58M182470:38:122:58:261:39:01
344Jake MCLOON5:22:41M182480:32:092:52:431:52:52
351Kendall DRANSFIELD5:23:02M182490:34:502:46:501:56:09
357Adam PEEL5:23:57M1824100:34:542:58:591:43:01
24Luke MARTIN4:27:19M252910:29:392:25:111:28:27
27Michael SULLIVAN4:29:18M252920:26:502:31:041:26:42
29Robert JOHNSTON4:30:06M252930:29:332:29:231:26:47
30Adriano PAVIA4:30:16M252940:33:442:26:261:24:22
35Daniel EDGE4:32:28M252950:30:012:25:111:32:13
44Rowan LEWIS4:36:05M252960:33:202:26:511:30:18
47Chris HOCKING4:38:16M252970:30:522:30:191:32:20
51Shaun STREET4:38:46M252980:33:222:27:371:32:57
59Michael HILL4:40:43M252990:43:272:29:551:21:48
62Matt WALKER4:41:10M2529100:34:192:28:371:33:31
8Blyth VAUTIER4:10:34M303410:25:312:19:451:21:37
28James MARSDEN4:30:04M303420:27:542:33:351:24:38
34Tim KNIGHT4:31:59M303430:32:542:26:401:27:57
36Neil CULKIN4:33:25M303440:33:332:34:241:20:51
37Mike AUSTIN4:33:41M303450:35:072:21:061:33:10
39Nathan PARKER4:34:15M303460:30:192:30:221:29:24
40Nick SEETO4:34:30M303470:33:072:26:421:30:01
42Dan THOMPSON4:35:08M303480:30:092:38:101:22:30
45Nicholas SOUTER4:37:23M303490:29:582:28:061:33:21
48Aaron COOK4:38:31M3034100:25:472:35:551:32:05
10Cameron HUGHES4:18:21M353910:32:262:14:541:24:46
13Bob BRACE4:21:42M353920:31:042:20:211:25:58
16Clint VAN BEVEREN4:23:52M353930:29:512:26:091:23:29
17Scott MILSON4:24:23M353940:30:182:26:411:22:49
20Matt RAE4:25:21M353950:32:152:24:191:23:47
22Ben MOORE4:27:18M353960:33:452:27:051:21:54
23Gregg PORTER4:27:19M353970:34:532:20:501:27:25
25Martin TOMAN4:27:57M353980:31:142:25:071:26:48
38Saxon MOSELEY4:33:59M353990:32:222:35:261:21:29
41Jeremy KIMPTON4:34:34M3539100:33:062:24:131:32:57
9Magnus MICHELSSON4:17:39M404410:26:382:26:231:21:10
14Matthew KOOREY4:21:45M404420:28:532:21:581:27:01
15Matty LEWIS4:22:31M404430:34:072:18:491:24:58
19Brad PAMP4:24:53M404440:29:452:25:231:24:47
32Dean DEGAN4:30:28M404450:35:212:27:151:23:46
33Richard PALMER4:30:47M404460:30:152:25:361:29:39
46Peter MCLEAN4:37:38M404470:32:322:28:311:31:25
58Jim BROWN4:40:16M404480:30:022:23:541:41:40
74Alex FRAME4:44:20M404490:34:492:26:441:37:53
76Scott HARRISON4:44:36M4044100:37:172:32:331:28:09
49David ALLEN4:38:32M454910:31:032:31:341:31:30
104Rohan SMITH4:48:55M454920:32:542:28:141:43:05
106Alan DAVIES4:49:43M454930:36:472:32:591:34:36
113Andrew THOMAS4:51:02M454940:29:332:39:101:37:06
123Jim FINLAY4:51:51M454950:32:462:35:591:38:08
144Scott IRONS4:54:46M454960:32:242:37:331:39:16
146Glenn DAY4:55:03M454970:31:012:31:281:47:03
149John O’CALLAGHAN4:55:26M454980:32:322:37:361:39:54
152Mark FIORE4:56:22M454990:31:082:39:181:40:52
162Andrew MILDREN4:59:31M4549100:39:442:38:311:35:47
136Martin LORD4:52:49M505410:34:592:39:201:32:52
154Graeme ALFORD4:57:39M505420:34:202:42:271:34:26
195Malcolm PITT5:03:36M505430:31:322:33:181:53:09
271Dean CHIRON5:13:25M505440:33:472:54:111:40:13
305John GLEN5:17:49M505450:42:052:43:311:46:54
316John FULKER5:19:02M505460:38:122:48:371:46:52
317Neville BRADSHAW5:19:17M505470:36:092:49:541:46:58
334Tony CLEVA5:21:06M505480:34:532:46:161:54:06
354John POWDERLY5:23:25M505490:34:092:54:261:46:10
365David SHEIN5:24:27M5054100:32:372:52:101:53:43
156Dave TRUDGIAN4:57:55M555910:30:552:37:111:45:11
439Rod HARROD5:32:51M555920:39:572:54:311:51:38
492Kevin BLOOR5:39:43M555930:47:062:51:231:51:52
571Richard PRYOR5:48:52M555940:41:202:55:252:05:32
597Ross ACKLAND5:51:53M555950:36:432:58:322:08:09
645Joel BLOOM5:57:03M555960:38:163:09:452:02:09
658Rod PHILLIPS5:58:15M555970:36:493:07:172:08:26
696Martin CHIMES6:03:14M555980:38:462:59:542:16:32
713Rod WILSON6:05:25M555990:43:042:54:242:20:53
792Graeme COLES6:21:26M5559100:33:012:59:292:42:31
527Peter WILLIAMS5:43:34M606410:39:582:52:492:03:41
605Gordon SPARGO5:52:38M606420:41:542:57:442:05:54
802Mark PATTERSON6:22:42M606430:43:243:09:282:20:59
829Rory O’DONOGHUE6:27:58M606440:48:473:21:002:10:50
961Hideo SAKAI7:24:25M606450:46:583:15:053:11:52
962Peter MATHEWS7:25:25M606460:40:423:57:252:37:24
981John HOOK7:57:18M606470:47:353:57:122:59:30
436Griff WESTE5:32:40M656910:43:012:41:012:02:32
918David KAYLOR6:58:00M656920:48:443:39:102:16:07
969Trevor SKEWES7:33:43M656930:45:163:47:592:49:25
968Kenneth MURTAGH7:32:35M707410:55:413:30:392:53:31