Triathlete Alistair Brownlee on Missing the Sydney Round of the 2010 ITU World Triathlon Series and his Injury

With the first major international triathlon race in Sydney in ten years just around the corner Trizone was disappointed to hear that one of the stars, and 2009 World Triathlon Champion, of the ITU World Triathlon Series, Alistair Brownlee, would not be competing because of injury.

Whilst Brownlee has been competing in international triathlons since 2006 it wasn’t until 2009 that he burst on to the international triathlon stage, and our TV screens, and won the series ITU World Championship Series.

We were lucky enough to see him race on the Gold Coast but the Sydney and Australian triathlon community are very disappointed that they will not have a chance to see him race around what is arguably one of the world’s great icons, the Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Opera House.

Trizone thought if we can’t watch him race at least we can have a chat to Brownlee and find out what caused the injury and when we can expect to see Brownlee racing again on our TV screens.

How and when did you get the femoral stress fracture?

Alistair Brownlee
I think I got it in mid January although when it actually occurred is a bit blurred. I’m not sure exactly how it happened but it coincides with running on snowy ground for a few weeks.

It has meant I had 2 completely weeks off, 5 weeks of no cycling and 2 months without running which is disastrous in the short term and being ready for the start of the season. I will definitely miss the first two world series races and I’ll just have to see after that. In the long term I don’t think it will make too much difference and the rest might even be beneficial.

When will you commence full training again?

As long as it heals ok, I hope around mid April.

How much are you looking forward to the 2010 ITU series?

I really enjoyed traveling around and competing in the series last year and I hoped to do the same last year. This year I will have to wait and see how the recovery and training goes, but I hope to be able to compete in the 5 races I need to.

Were you looking forward to racing in Sydney?

It would have been amazing to race there, though it would have been very tough as it is very early in the year and it’s difficult coming out of a British winter to race in Australia.

What improvements have you made since last years series?

I am a year older and wiser, and have worked hard on my technique in all sports. The key now will be to get race fit while maintaining these improvements and trying to stay injury free.

What did you learn from last years series?

That you need a lot of luck to win a series!! It’s tough to be at the top of your game for 5 races and luckily last year I was.

If you could change one thing that you did last season what would it be?

I was second at the European champs so maybe that, but you can’t have everything and I’m more than satisfied with what I achieved.

Who do you see as your biggest competitors this year?

The great thing about triathlon is that so many people could win any race. We will have to wait and see but of course Gomez will always be amazing.

Alistair Brownlee Profile:

Place of birth:
Dewsbury, Yorkshire
Horsforth, Leeds
Malcolm Brown + Jack Maitland
Bradford Grammar School,
Leeds University, 2.1 in Physiology and Sport. About to start MSc in Finance at Leeds Met University.
How did you get in to triathlon:
Dad was a runner and Mum was a swimmer and then my uncle, Simon, introduced me to triathlon. I still continue to cross country and fell run but triathlon is what I want to really achieve in.
Eating, sleeping
What would you do if you weren’t a triathlete:
Fell runner
What’s the best advice you’ve ever received:
“pain is only what you make of it”.
Sporting hero:
Haile Gebrselassie, Jos Naylor, Lance Armstrong
Favourite Food:
Anything and everything.
Favourite Drink:
Favourite Book:
Harry Potter
Favourite Movie:
Words of wisdom:
Consistency is key.

2009 Results

FGP 5 (La Baule) “3rd
ITU WCS Grand Final “1st
FGP4 (Paris) “1st
London ITU WCS “1st
Kitzbuhel ITU WCS “1st
European Championships “2nd
Washington ITU WCS “1st
FGP2 (Beauvais) “1st
Madrid ITU WCS “1st
FGP1 (Dunkirk) “3rd
Great Manchester Run “10th (29.35)
National Duathlon “1st
Great Ireland Run “12th (29.48)