Triathlon NSW Compressport 2010 Club Championships Full Results By Age Group

Whilst we were all racing for club glory at the Triathlon NSW Compressport Club Championships we were still striving to achieve personal goals. Many were doing it for the first time and also facing the longest race of their short triathlon careers. Many of us were trying to beat

Whilst we were all racing for club glory at the Triathlon NSW Compressport Club Championships we were still striving to achieve personal goals. Many were doing it for the first time and also facing the longest race of their short triathlon careers. Many of us were trying to beat our times from last year.

It was great to see a few of the pros racing amongst us. Chris Kemp, who recently came third in Huskisson at the Jervis Bay Multisport Festival. Kemp finished 1 minute and 10 seconds behind Craig Alexander in the long course race at Husky and he showed his class again on Saturday by winning in a fast time of 1:26:23.
Pete Jacobs, still recovering from a broken collarbone, put in a valiant effort but a lack of race fitness possibly contributed to a slower than normal time. Pete Schokman showed some of his recent form from Mooloolaba and the Singapore ITU races where he placed 3rd to come in 4th overall. Schokman’s better half, Sophia Amor-Smith showed once again that she is top of the female athletes by again being the fastest woman on the day.

There were many other great triathletes of all capabilities and the support from the crowd was greatly welcomed.

A huge thanks to all of the volunteers who were roped in by clubs and family members who were racing. Many volunteers were possibly surprised to find themselves on the roster but they pulled through and got the points for their partners, parents and clubs.

A few facts:

Total 808, Men 545, Women 263, Avg Time 2:03:32, Fastest Time 1:30:54, Slowest Time 3:18:46

Total 848, Men 582, Women 266, Avg Time 1:58:44, Fastest Time 1:26:23, Slowest Time 3:04:28

NameFinish timeOverall positionCategory positionCategorySwim Leg TimeCycle Leg TimeRun Leg Time
Brooke LANGEREIS1:43:331181F 15-170:14:280:56:370:32:26
Audrey AMIYA-HALL1:46:171632F 15-170:17:330:57:090:31:34
Gina RICARDO1:52:352843F 15-170:18:170:58:390:35:36
Jessica MEPSTEAD1:58:574154F 15-170:17:181:03:580:37:39
Lana TOWGOOD2:09:295675F 15-170:21:381:04:220:43:27
Louise MARVIN2:09:385696F 15-170:17:081:11:020:41:26
Siobhan MCCARTHY1:40:51791F 18-240:16:020:54:570:29:50
Jessica SIMPSON1:42:541102F 18-240:15:350:53:500:33:27
Amanda BOTT1:45:351503F 18-240:15:410:54:280:35:23
Nicola BIRD1:46:291694F 18-240:14:370:56:260:35:24
Breanna JOZEPS1:51:142615F 18-240:15:370:58:250:37:10
Marijke RALPH1:51:592746F 18-240:20:500:58:480:32:20
Kylie JOHNSON1:53:413027F 18-240:20:030:56:540:36:42
Carley STEPHENS1:54:063108F 18-240:17:421:03:220:33:01
Hannah DONALDSON1:54:163159F 18-240:19:400:58:420:35:52
Kate BOATSWAIN1:54:1831710F 18-240:17:281:06:030:30:45
Katelyn JOZEPS2:00:3144111F 18-240:17:001:05:250:38:04
Katrina ROBERTSON2:08:3454612F 18-240:17:141:08:240:42:55
Sarah RASBORSEK2:09:17