Xterra Wellington 2024: A Thrilling Launch to the APAC Tour

Kickstarting the Xterra APAC Tour, Wellington's rugged beauty hosts a day of intense off-road triathlon action.

Xterra Wellington 2024: A Thrilling Launch to the APAC Tour

The Xterra Wellington Festival, set to take off on February 24, 2024, in New Zealand's capital, marks the exhilarating beginning of the Xterra APAC Tour. This festival is not just a race; it's an adventure that blends challenging competition with the breathtaking scenery Wellington is famed for, offering the "best downhill of any Xterra on the planet."

A Diverse Racing Experience

The festival showcases a variety of races, including the flagship Full Distance Triathlon, which promises competitors a day of intense action amid the picturesque backdrop of Wellington's iconic hills and rugged coastlines. Participants will tackle a total of 7 races, spanning off-road triathlon, duathlon, MTB racing, and trail running, all under the umbrella of genuine Kiwi hospitality.

Course Challenges and Opportunities

The Full Distance Race initiates with a daunting 1,000m swim in the Tasman Sea, challenging athletes with its unpredictable conditions. Transitioning to land, the 31K bike course unfolds into technical singletrack, demanding strategic prowess and skill, culminating in a celebrated downhill section. The race concludes with a 10K run across flat, fast terrain with slight undulations, testing the athletes' endurance to the limit.

Elite Focus: Maeve Kennedy's Quest Continues

Maeve Kennedy, the reigning APAC Champion, sets her sights on clinching her third title at the Xterra Wellington Festival. Balancing a full-time job with elite training, Kennedy's journey is a testament to her dedication and the support of her partner. Her connection to the Wellington Xterra runs deep, marking both personal milestones and professional achievements.

Kennedy's Race Insights and Strategy

Kennedy's strategic approach to the race leverages her strengths and acknowledges the technical challenges of the course. With a preference for the swim and a methodical plan for transition and biking, she prepares for the run with determination, ready to tackle the demanding terrain without looking back.