Craig Alexander’s Stolen Bike Details – From Craig…

By Neri and Craig Alexander

Hi All,

Last night, us and 4 of our neighbours were broken into and a large number of items were stolen, including Craigs bikes, a car, scooter, surf boards, golf clubs, tools etc.

We are looking for your assistance to spread these details far and wide. Feel free to send on the attached document with Crime Stopper Ph number 1800 333 000 as we feel that flooding the market with details for such a unique bike may help it be recovered.

Most important for us was that both of Craigs Orbea bikes (road and time trial/racing bike) were stolen along with a bunch of other bike/cycling equipement.


See the details and photo below of the stolen bikes.


Craig Alexander's Orbea BikeBlack 51 cm ORBEA ORDU bike (Craigs race bike).
This bike is very unique as there are only a handful of bikes in Australia that have the Shimano Di2 electronic group sets on it. It also has a Shimano Protype SRM power meter installed on the bike. This is distinctive by looking at the crank drive arm. This is the only one in Australia and there are only a handful of the world.

Please contact Crime Stoppers in 1800 333 000 if you see or hear anything.




Thanks for your anticipated assistance,
Neri and Craig Alexander


Craig Alexander – Stolen Bike Spec’s – 2 Bikes

Race Bike
Bike Name:  Black ORBEA ORDU
Size:   51cm
Headset:  Integrated Headset
Derailer Front:  SHIMANO 7900 DI2 ELECTRONIC
Brake Lever:   Shimano Durace Carbon
Brake Callipers: DI2 Group Set
Cranks:  SRM Power Meter
BB-Set:  Enduro Grade 3 Grade 3 Ceramic Bearings
Aerobars:  Pro Carbon Missile Flat with Straight Bars
Head Stem:  Pro Vibe 85mm
Seat:   Fizik Arione Carbon Tri 2
Chain:   Durace 10 Speed
Cassette:  12-23 Durace
Training Wheels: Durace Wheels
Tyres:    Continental Grand Prix Clinchers for Training
Cages:   XLAB Chimp and Gorilla Carbon Cages
XLAB Rear Carbon Hydration System
Pedals:   Durace 

Road Bike
Frame:   Black Orbea ORCA
Derailer Front:  SHIMANO 7900 Durace
Training Wheels: Durace Wheels


Karl Hayes

Head of Rest and Recovery

Karl is a keen age group triathlete who races more than he trains. Good life balance! Karl works in the media industry in Australia and is passionate about the sport of triathlon.