Science in Sport (SiS) Introduces the Worlds first Award Winning Isotonic Energy Gel

Get your Personalised ‘Trizone Reader’ Race Nutrition Plan from SiS. See below for details.

SiS_gogelGO GEL uses a unique formulation that makes it possible for athletes and sportspeople to take onboard significant carbohydrate without compromising hydration. Each handy palm size GO Gel sachet contains 22g of isotonic carbohydrate energy, that‘s enough energy for 25 to 35 minutes of exercise, and because it‘s isotonic, it will still deliver energy without the need for extra water and this is why SiS Gels are becoming the 1st choice to many of Australia’s top Tri-athletes.

GO Gel goes down easily due to the unique gel structure, so you don‘t get that sticky throat feeling associated with other gels. Feed back we often receive is that a lot of gels are often very thick, sweet and require lots of water to wash them down.

All GO GELS are caffeine free and will provide the ultimate energy boost. The Go GEL is also scientifically proven to be in the system in less than 10minutes, usually between 3-5mins
Independent tests GO-Gels have been shown to provide better energy than a solid carbohydrate source and to hydrate better than water alone.

SiS_gogel_blackcurrentScience in Sport will offer all Trizone readers an opportunity for a personalised race day nutrition plan as well as a discount code of 15% for all other products within the range. Simply email Matt your weight, your upcoming race distance and he will send you back a race day plan.

Look out for the SiS team at more and more events across Australia. Make sure you go and see the guys and sample there great range of products.

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