Frederik Van Lierde and Silvia Felt win Ironman France

The 7th Nice’s show: great victory of Frederik Van Lierde (BEL) and Silvia Felt (GER) on the Riviera!

After a race led from the start to the Finishline by the Belgian and a titanic fight in the women pro field, the favorites did the job offering a fantastic show to the 80 000 Nice crowd.


Frederik Van Lierde (BEL) exit the water in first position in 00:50:10, followed by two age groups, Thomas Mortensen (DEN) in 00:51:22 and Edouard Entraygues (FRA) in 00:51:26, while the incredible Johanna Daumas (FRA) exit in 4th position in 00:51:27 at the total scratch ahead of Marcel Zamora (SPA) in 00:51:28 and François Chabaud (FRA) in 00:51:28. In the women race, Johanna is followed by Jeanne Collonge (FRA) in 00:55:10, Martina Dogana (ITA) in 00:57:05 and Heather Gollnick (USA) who takes the 4th place in the women pros field in 00:57:16.


At the finish of the bike course led through the 180 km in 04:42:00, Frederik Van Lierde arrives just ahead of François Chabaud, who breaks the 2008 bike record in 04:41:03 and Paul Amey (GBR) who finished in 04:55:41. Marcel Zamora Perez, who has technical difficulties, finishes the course in 04:58:04 and exit the transition area with the determination of a champion who knows that everything remains possible until the race is not over.

Same race domination in the women bike leg for Johanna Daumas who offers a great show and arrives on the Promenade des Anglais after a race of 05:22:36, tailgated by Silvia Felt (GER) in 05:14:06 who seems determined to reach the 1st place of the podium, followed by Martin Britta (GER) in 05:16:19


Under the heat of Nice, approaching the 35°C, the marathon begins…

It’s his day, his victory, he announced it, he was in really good shape, Frederik Van Lierde won the 2011 Ironman France in 08:28:30, taking him through his 3rd goal of his season: Hawaii in October. The 2nd place is François Chabaud, in the lead group of the race until the start and pleased to recover the honors in Nice in 08:37:18. At the opposite, Marcel Zamora Perez had a black Sunday due to technical difficulties on the bike course that he hasn’t be able to overtake despite a very good marathon and a final time of 08:40:55.

The battle in the women pros field was full of suspense and after a marathon where the leaders changed theirs ranking, it is the German Silvia Felt who will have the final cut in 09:34:31 while Martina Dogana who left her bike with a delay of 21 minutes from the lead, finish with a terrific marathon which offers her the 2nd place in 09:45:56 ahead of the German Martin Britta (GER), 4th in 2010 who reaches the 3rd step on the podium in 09:48:56.

Men Race times

1/ Frederik Van Lierde (BEL) : SWIM 00:50:10 BIKE 04:42:00 RUN 02:51:08 TOTAL 08:28:30
2/ François Chabaud (FRA) : SWIM 00:51:28 BIKE 04:41:03  RUN 02:59:50  TOTAL 08:37:18

3/ Marcel Zamora Perez (SPA) : SWIM 00:51:28 BIKE 04:58:04 RUN 02:46:15 TOTAL 08:40:55

Women Race Times

1/ Silvia Felt (GER): SWIM 01:01:27 BIKE 05:14:06 RUN 03:13:18 TOTAL 09:34:31
2/ Martina Dogana (ITA): SWIM 00:57:05 BIKE 05:38:44 RUN 03:04:09 TOTAL 09:45:56

3/ Britta Martin (GER): SWIM 01:00:54 BIKE 05:16:19 RUN 03:24:22 TOTAL 09:48:56

IRONMAN France – Nice Triathlon

8e edition June, 24th 2012 | opening of the registration on Monday 27th 2011 via:

3.8km SWIM | 180km BIKE | 42.195km RUN

50 qualifying slots for the Ford IRONMAN World Championship on October, 2012

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