Third Place Martin Britta disqualified from Ironman France

BREAKING NEWS: Martin Britta (GER) disqualified, the 3rd place belongs to Kim Loeffler (USA) for the Ironman France Nice podium.

The German pro female Martin Britta has been disqualified after a non respected penalty on the bike leg, in accordance with the official rules.

Kim Loeffler, the American athlete announced as a top pro favorite, is then granted the 3rd place of the podium with a race time of 09:53:08

Race Times

  1. Silvia Felt (GER): SWIM 01:01:27 BIKE 05:14:06 RUN 03:13:18 TOTAL 09:34:31
  2. Martina Dogana (ITA): SWIM 00:57:05 BIKE 05:38:44 RUN 03:04:09 TOTAL 09:45:56
  3. Kim Loeffler (USA): SWIM 01:01:19 BIKE 05:34:40 RUN 03:10:25 TOTAL 09:53:08

IRONMAN France – Nice Triathlon

8th edition June, 24th 2012 | opening of the registration on Monday 27th 2011 via:

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