USA Pro Andrew Starykowicz Jailed Following Abu Dhabi International Triathlon

It has been reveled that US triathlete Andrew Starykowicz was jailed after crashing in to a volunteer while racing in the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon earlier this year. A mention by Australian pro Richie Cunningham on Facebook today alerted us to this bizarre turn of events.

When reporting on the race in March we noticed that Starykowicz had all of a sudden lost time after being in the lead. We then heard that he had crashed and may have suffered a broken collar bone and other injuries. What we didn’t know later was that he had been subsequently jailed.

Reporting on his blog after finally making it back to the USA Starykowicz revels what happened. “Most of you that are reading this may wonder why I have not posted on my blog for several months.  My life since March 3rd has been an absolute nightmare.  Late into Abu Dhabi Triathlon I had built a sizable lead when an aid station volunteer darted across the road in front of me to collect bottles.  We made heavy contact that sent both of us to the hospital.  I attempted to finish, but had to withdraw from the race holding a commanding lead in T2.”

What also is reveled is the ‘blood money’ paid to extract himself from the situation. “The next day I was brought to the police station for questioning and thrown in PRISON for the “hit and run” incident during the race.  Over the next month I would go in front of the prosecutor several times trying to get out of the Emirates and each time he would request something different.  During this time I was unable to get adequate medical attention to fix my injuries.  Finally, a “deal” was made that if I posted a substantial amount of money for a blood money bond I could get my passport and leave the country.  I took out a loan, had the money wired over to Abu Dhabi, and was on the next plane home.”

To read the rest of Andrew’s account click here.





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