Rebekah Keat wins Ironman 70.3 Shepparton

Rebekah Keat has dominated the women’s field on the run with a 1:22:01 half marathon, over six minutes faster than the next quickest run. Lisa Marangon had the lead out of T2 but it wasn’t long before Keat had taken the lead and was never going to be headed.

Rebekah Keat running herself in to 2nd at New York Ironman this year

Kat Baker had the fastest bike split of the day as she did at the recent Port Macquarie 70.3. With a slower swim than the lead women it was always going to be a tough ask against the two leaders. There was nothing to do but put in a hard bike and see who the legs would hold up on the run.

Sarah Crowley is showing some good form as she develops her long course career. She is a quality athlete and we will see her get better and reach her potential over the next couple of years.

Nicole Ward raced today off a big training block as she heads towards her goal race at Ironman Western Australia. Her run of 1:28:12 shows that she is working nicely towards Busso. Ward’s swim was slower than we would expect, her bike time considering she gets better the longer the race was solid on top of her recent training.

Matilda Raynolds race was a solid hit out. She is not training to race at the moment and will take plenty away from this race.

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Name Country Swim Bike Run Finish Div. Rank
Keat, Rebekah Australia 0:24:46 2:26:35 1:22:01 4:16:17 1
Marangon, Lisa Australia 0:24:42 2:25:37 1:30:01 4:22:42 2
BAKER, Katherine Australia 0:26:45 2:24:32 1:33:53 4:27:37 3
Crowley, Sarah Australia 0:27:45 2:27:44 1:30:33 4:29:15 4
Ward, Nicole Australia 0:27:41 2:34:33 1:28:12 4:32:58 5
McAlpine, Wendy Australia 0:28:21 2:28:49 1:33:49 4:34:10 6
Raynolds, Matilda Australia 0:27:43 2:37:10 1:30:16 4:37:41 7
Grant, Julia New Zealand 0:27:39 2:35:58 1:33:04 4:39:18 8
Francis, Anna Australia 0:29:32 2:33:56 1:36:37 4:43:08 1
Dornom, Elizabeth Australia 0:34:30 2:37:24 1:29:28 4:44:01 ?
Slack, Jacqueline United Kingdom 0:26:55 2:38:33 1:39:21 4:47:36 9
Dornom, Bernadette Australia 0:31:58 2:39:47 1:36:22 4:51:23 ?
Wilson, Amanda Australia 0:33:50 2:40:34 1:33:46 4:51:58 ?
Harding, Karen Australia 0:33:40 2:34:48 1:41:08 4:52:45 ?
Moore-Cook, Kerrie Australia 0:28:47 2:45:32 1:33:55 4:53:33 ?
Born, Beate Australia 0:37:51 2:35:15 1:37:27 4:55:32 ?




Karl Hayes

Head of Rest and Recovery

Karl is a keen age group triathlete who races more than he trains. Good life balance! Karl works in the media industry in Australia and is passionate about the sport of triathlon.