Over 1700 at SuperSprint’s Gatorade Triathlon with wins by Peter Kerr and Penny Hosken

Peter Kerr headed of Clayton Fettell and Joey Lampe to take the win

Race 1 of the Gatorade Triathlon Series has proven once again that triathlons are here to stay, with over 1,700 enthusiastic competitors, ranging from 12 years of age to 60 plus, taking to the swim, cycle, running event. Club and community camaraderie set the atmosphere, along with Olympians Brendan Sexton and Erin Densham who spent their time sharing valuable advice to competitors.

In the men’s Elite field, fresh from his epic win at Noosa, Peter Kerr powered across the finish line in 53:35 followed by Clayton Fettell at 53:45 and a third finish by 70.3 Shepparton Ironman runner up Joseph Lampe at 53:51. Fettell lived up to his blistering swim bike reputation by powering out of the swim first and quick out of transition onto the bike leg, closely followed by Peter Kerr and Joe Lampe. But seasoned Race 1 winner Kerr picked up the pace in the run leg and came home with the Series opener win.

Lampe and Fettell’s coach Grant Giles from Aeromax Team had a bit of an interesting story behind the guy’s rushed trip for this race. “Funny day for Clayton Fettell and Joey Lampe who did a rush job down to the draft legal Gatorade race in Melbourne for Giant Bikes. The boys at Giant gave them bikes down there but they had compact cranks and 50 front chain rings. I told them they’d be at 130rpm. Still they raced well for 2nd and 3rd behind Peter Kerr and close. Not bad for guys stuck on junior gears.”

Penney Hosken cruised in for her win

Penny Hosken dominated the elite women’s field with a superior run performance cruising to the finish line in 1:02:15, followed by Lyndal Dew 1:03:20 and Camille Hudson 1:03:33.

The Series Opener also saw a number of personal achievements, including Ross Mason, who finished his first triathlon since becoming an amputee three years ago.

‘The great thing about triathlons is that you don’t have to be first to cross the line to win – whether you are aiming to beat a personal best, to get fit and healthy or to tick triathlon off the bucket list… SuperSprint’s Gatorade Triathlon Series is about reaching your own personal active goals in a fun supportive environment.’ Race Director, SuperSprint, David Hansen.

SuperSprint website for full results and information on the next race in the series and other events.

Top 20 Male

Rank Name Category Time Swim Ride Run
1 Peter Kerr M Elite 53:35.6 6:36 28:29:00 16:26
2 Clayton Fetell M Elite 53:45.2 6:34 28:27:00 16:35
3 Joseph Lampe M Elite 53:51.0 6:38 28:26:00 16:36
4 Declan Wilson M Elite 54:01.4 6:51 29:19:00 15:41
5 Scott McPherson M Elite 54:06.4 7:01 29:05:00 15:56
6 Nathan Buschkuehl M ITU Junior 55:10.1 7:17 28:55:00 16:53
7 Benjamin Huggett M Elite 55:16.2 7:01 29:11:00 16:58
8 Anthony Goss M Elite 55:36.5 6:55 29:17:00 17:18
9 Mathew Goessler M ITU Junior 55:38.4 7:02 29:03:00 17:24
10 Tom Rodgers M Elite 55:57.3 7:18 28:49:00 17:42
11 Leigh Stabryla M Elite 56:01.5 7:35 29:42:00 16:42
12 Ben Anderson M ITU Junior 56:10.0 6:44 29:27:00 17:57
13 Kristian Mccartney M Elite 56:23.4 7:30 29:38:00 17:11
14 Stephen Thompson M Elite 56:37.5 7:37 29:40:00 17:11
15 Nathan Barry M Elite 56:52.5 6:52 29:17:00 18:38
16 Shane Ilgen M Elite 56:55.2 7:15 29:51:00 17:29
17 Jared Klein M ITU Junior 57:03.5 7:15 30:02:00 17:27
18 Hilario Real M Elite 57:05.5 7:14 30:04:00 17:33
19 Renton Lewis M ITU Junior 57:07.2 7:25 29:48:00 17:31
20 Simon Bevege M Open 57:11.5 8:23 29:58:00 16:33
Getting ready to ride there 50 chain rings and short cranks the big guns from Lennox Heads





Karl Hayes

Head of Rest and Recovery

Karl is a keen age group triathlete who races more than he trains. Good life balance! Karl works in the media industry in Australia and is passionate about the sport of triathlon.