Bryce McMaster and Gillian Backhouse win Race 3 of the Queensland Gatorade Triathlon Series

Race 3 of the Gatorade Triathlon Series was held at Raby Bay over the weekend and once again we saw a sell-out field, enjoying an almost perfect day. With 1,751 competitors (we are capped at 1,650 bike spots) entered. The Event Crew team must be doing something right as they are getting record entries at every race. The word is that the atmosphere at these events is really great with some top quality athletes racing the series and providing the crowds with some very close racing to watch.

The men’s finish was almost a photo finish

The weather, unlike Race 2 at Robina, was on its best behaviour for the morning. A few little issues with the massive King Tides meant the kids race was moved to a non-points and timed event and despite some unwelcomed jellyfish in the harbour, which saw First Aid working overtime with ice, we have once again seen an overwhelmingly positive response from all competitors and spectators. What was really pleasing to see was the number of supporters on course and in the clubs areas for this event.

The Elite field saw a cracker finish in the men’s and a dominating display in the women’s. The men’s race looked like it was going to be a start-to-finish win for Mitch Kealey, accumulating a big lead heading into the run leg. Whether it was the some 800km week or just the outright determination of Bryce McMaster (I suspect a little of both), Bryce took a minute out of Mitch over the run leg to catch and pass him as they reached the finish shoot with Kenji Nener taking the minor places. The women’s race offered so much with Olympian, Emma Jackson and in-form Gillian Backhouse, fresh from back-to-back victories at Kingscliff and Bribie Island events. Emma, like Mitch, has been in heavy training and Gillian took the chance to dominate the event from the start, never looking under threat, with Emily Bevan and Kirra Seidel taking the minor places.

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Name Gender Category TOD Race Time Time Behind Leader
Bryce McMaster Male Open 9:00:31 0:55:31
Mitch Kealey Male Open 9:00:37 0:55:37 0:00:06
Kenji Nener Male Open 9:01:09 0:56:09 0:00:37
Giles Clayton Male 25-29 9:53:49 0:56:49 0:01:17
Sam Speechly Male Open 9:02:05 0:58:23 0:01:34
James Trevorrow Male Open 9:02:24 0:57:24 0:01:53
Michael Glover Male Open 9:02:27 0:57:27 0:01:55
Matt Brown Male Open 9:02:54 0:59:49 0:02:22
Simon Nash Male 35-39 9:36:37 0:59:37 0:04:06
Lawrence Garufi Male 13-15 9:59:27 1:00:27 0:04:56
Name Gender Category TOD Race Time Time Behind Leader
Gillian Backhouse Female Open 9:07:50 1:00:50
Emily Bevan Female Open 9:08:46 1:01:46 0:00:55
Kirra Seidel Female Open 9:10:16 1:03:16 0:02:26
Annelise Jefferies Female Open 9:10:21 1:03:21 0:02:31
Maddison Allen Female Open 9:10:22 1:03:22 0:02:32
Sarah Deuble Female Open 9:11:30 1:04:30 0:03:40
Emma Jackson Female Open 9:12:13 1:05:13 0:04:22
Emma Coman-Jeffries Female 20-24 9:17:21 1:05:21 0:04:30
Ainslie Bakker Female 16-19 9:18:18 1:06:18 0:05:27
Jodie Spottiswood Female 25-29 9:23:03 1:08:03 0:07:12





Karl Hayes

Head of Rest and Recovery

Karl is a keen age group triathlete who races more than he trains. Good life balance! Karl works in the media industry in Australia and is passionate about the sport of triathlon.