Ironman 70.3 Auckland Pro Start List

Ironman 70.3 Auckland – One of the hottest fields assembled in the Southern Hempisphere


Number Division Athlete Country
1 MPRO Cameron Brown New Zealand
2 MPRO Bevan Docherty New Zealand
3 MPRO Terenzo Bozzone New Zealand
4 MPRO Tim Van Berkel Australia
5 MPRO Joe Gambles Australia
6 MPRO Luke Bell Australia
7 MPRO Paul Ambrose United Kingdom
8 MPRO Tim Reed Australia
9 MPRO Graham O’Grady New Zealand
10 MPRO Clark Ellice New Zealand
21 MPRO Sam Appleton Australia
22 MPRO Matt Bailey Australia
23 MPRO Sam Betten Australia
24 MPRO Simon Billeau France
25 MPRO James Bowstead New Zealand
26 MPRO Mark Bowstead New Zealand
27 MPRO Matt Burton Australia
28 MPRO Fraser Cartmell United Kingdom
29 MPRO Simon Cochrane New Zealand
30 MPRO Cameron Dye United States
32 MPRO Michael Fox Australia
33 MPRO Luke Gillmer Australia
34 MPRO James Hodge Australia
35 MPRO Christian Kemp Australia
36 MPRO Jacson Kluts New Zealand
37 MPRO Hirotsugu Kuwabara Japan
38 MPRO Joseph Lampe Australia
39 MPRO Brian Mcleod Australia
40 MPRO Callum Millward New Zealand
41 MPRO Casey Munro Australia
42 MPRO Matthew Pellow Australia
43 MPRO Michael Prince Australia
44 MPRO Harry Springall United Kingdom
45 MPRO Matt Taylor New Zealand
46 MPRO Brett Tingay New Zealand
47 MPRO Marc Widmer Switzerland
48 MPRO Chris Sanson New Zealand
49 MPRO Roger Witz Barnes United Kingdom
Number Division Athlete Country
11 FPRO Caroline Steffen Switzerland
12 FPRO Melissa Hauschildt Australia
13 FPRO Meredith Kessler United States
14 FPRO Liz Blatchford United Kingdom
15 FPRO Annabel Luxford Australia
16 FPRO Keiko Tanaka Japan
17 FPRO Michelle Wu Australia
18 FPRO Rebecca Hoschke Australia
19 FPRO Hilary Wicks New Zealand
20 FPRO Rachael Paxton Australia
50 FPRO Kat Baker Australia
51 FPRO Elaine Brent New Zealand
52 FPRO Anna Cleaver New Zealand
53 FPRO Sarah Crowley Australia
54 FPRO Kristy Hallett Australia
55 FPRO Wendy Mcalpine Australia
56 FPRO Kiyomi Niwata Japan
57 FPRO Anna Ross New Zealand
58 FPRO Dana Wagner Germany



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