Ironman 70.3 World Championship at Mont-Tremblant ready to roll

This years Ironman 70.3 World Championship has an incredibly hot pro field. More so than in recent years. Like any high level championship it should be almost impossible to pick and it is.

Champions rise on occasions like this and they are here in big numbers. These guys and girls know how to train to win big titles and they can turn themselves inside out more then the average professional athlete.

World champions and Olympic champions are the favourites. The curve ball in this race is the climbing on the bike course. 900m of it and you cannot hold back in a race like this. There will be explosions as pros throw caution to the wind to see who takes the longest to explode.

Jan Frodeno, Javier Gomez and Sebastian Kienle are the men’s podium favourites. Of course we would love to see an Australian win and it is hard to go past Tim Reed. Mr consistent and absolutely on fire on the the bike at the moment the challenging course should see Reed rise to the top. In saying this it is important not to take anything away from Joe Gambles, Leon Griffin and Brad Kahlefeldt. Gambles finished 3rd last year behind Bozzone (2nd) and the champ Kienle. places ahead of Reed.

Lurking just below the surface is Sam Appleton (coached by Tim Reed) and Tim Berkel. Appleton is one incredibly talented young guy who will win big titles. Berkel may surprise a few. Berkel is one of the fastest runners on his day and we think he might surprise a few on the tough bike course. Berkel beat Reed by two minutes to win the Australian 70.3 title in 2012 and we have seen how deep he can dig when chasing a big win.

Another Australian is über swim/biker Josh Amberger. Amberger will love this challenging bike course and those wanting to win will have to work hard to make sure they do not give Amberger a gap on to the run. Well at least one they can’t run down.

In the women’s race we should see Australian and current world 70.3 champion Melissa Hauschildt eat this course up. A tough climbing course is a dream come true for Hauschildt. Limiting the swim deficit is going to be the go here.

Catriona Morrison and Daniela Ryf will be strong contenders and will place higher than last year.

Annabel Luxford has had a tough year and the question is will the former ITU World and Asia Pac 70.3 champ be ready to challenge this field. We hope she does.

We will be interested to see how Radka Vodickova races. She has been slowly building over this distance and could surprise a few. Jodie Swallow, Angela Naeth, Daniela Ryf, Heather Wurtle, Heather Jackson, Hauschildt, Vodickova, Luxford, Svenja Bazlen, Jodie Swallow, Catriona Morrison and Meredith Kessler will be the top ten contenders.



BIB First Name Last
1 Sebastian Kienle DEU
2 Terenzo Bozzone NZL
3 Tim Reed AUS
4 Joe Gambles AUS
5 Tim Don GBR
6 Jan Frodeno DEU
8 Will Clarke GBR
9 Leon Griffin AUS
11 Brad Kahlefeldt AUS
12 Kevin Collington USA
14 Matt Chrabot USA
15 Samuel Appleton AUS
16 Tim Van Berkel AUS
17 Brent McMahon CAN
18 Lionel Sanders CAN
19 Callum Millward NZL
20 Ruedi Wild CHE
21 Jeremy Jurkiewicz FRA
22 Ben Hoffman USA
23 Trevor Wurtele CAN
24 Igor Amorelli BRA
25 Andreas Dreitz DEU
26 Filip Ospaly CZE
27 Josh Amberger AUS
29 Nils Frommhold DEU
30 James Cunnama ZAF
31 Javier Gomez ESP
32 Clayton Fettell AUS
33 Albert Moreno ESP
34 Ben Collins USA
35 James Seear AUS
36 Alexander Reithmeier AUS
37 Boris Stein DEU
38 Bart Aernouts BEL
39 Domenico Passuello ITA
40 John Polson AUS
41 Ivan Rana ESP
42 Jesse Thomas USA
43 Jordan Rapp USA
45 Patrick Lange DEU
47 Ronnie Schildknecht CHE
48 Johannes Moldan DEU
51 Victor Debil-Caux FRA


BIB First Last Country
101 Melissa Hauschildt AUS
102 Annabel Luxford AUS
103 Catriona Morrison GBR
104 Heather Wurtele CAN
105 Heather Jackson USA
106 Svenja Bazlen DEU
107 Lisa Huetthaler AUT
108 Meredith Kessler USA
109 Jodie Swallow GBR
110 Daniela Ryf CHE
111 Helle Frederiksen DNK
112 Radka Vodickova CZE
114 Angela Naeth CAN
116 Melanie McQuaid CAN
117 Margaret Shapiro USA
118 Rachel McBride CAN
120 Susie Hignett GBR
121 Ruth Brennan Morrey USA
122 Valentina Carvallo CHL
123 Laura Bennett USA
124 Emma-kate Lidbury GBR
125 Camilla Pedersen DNK
126 Mary Beth Ellis USA
127 Lauren Barnett USA
128 Amber Ferreira USA
129 Magali Tisseyre CAN
130 Carolina Furriela BRA
131 Laura Siddall GBR
132 Hallie Blunck USA
133 Lisa Mensink CAN
134 Rebeccah Wassner USA
135 Astrid Ganzow DEU
136 Andrea Forrest AUS



Karl Hayes

Head of Rest and Recovery

Karl is a keen age group triathlete who races more than he trains. Good life balance! Karl works in the media industry in Australia and is passionate about the sport of triathlon.