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Hate drinking warm water while on a ride? Enter the cool CRIO drink bottle

CRIO Bottle’s Kickstarter campaign is taking the crowd funding world by storm and with new research highlighting the dangers of drinking warm water in plastic bottles, it’s no surprise. Trizone caught up with Rohan to chat about the new invention and how it can help triathletes like you.

Imagine you’re on the bike leg of the Noosa Triathlon and you take a sip of your water. It’s hot and disgusting, but it’s all you’ve got with you and there’s no water station for miles. Three months later, after taking part in races throughout the southern hemisphere summer you find yourself with a strange lump in your chest.

Drinking water on your bike could be killing you, studies claim, but a South Australian pair is here to save you with a revolutionary new drink bottle. Surpassing their Kickstarter goal in just 90 minutes, it’s clear we’re not the only ones who think the CRIO bottle could be the key to cooler, safer hydration.

Is hot water from plastic bottles dangerous?

Yes. Countless research has found that, when heated, the plastic used in bottles (polyethylene terephthalate) releases chemicals called antimony and bisophenol A (BPA). When ingested, these chemicals can stimulate adverse cell growth and destruction within the body leading to everything from fertility problems to diabetes, breast cancer and early puberty. Scientists think it may cause similar problems to a build-up of oestrogen in both sexes. Luckily, CRIO bottles are BPA free, plus they prevent future BPA release thanks to their ability to keep water cool.

CRIO bottles’ minuscule weight makes them ideal for triathlon

As a triathlete, you obviously don’t want to drink dangerous chemicals and you also don’t want to drink warm water because…well, it’s gross. Your only problem is the insulated water bottles in the current market don’t keep water cool enough on desperately hot days, plus they add too much weight to your bike. CRIO has tackled both problems to cater to the racing community, making a lightweight model that keeps water 3-4 times cooler than any option on the market.

How do CRIO bottles work?

CRIO bottles work by utilising cryogel technology used by NASA in their astronauts’ space suits and Formula 1 for insulating burning hot fuel pipes. This space-age cryogel, paired with the innovative design of these handy water bottles ensures your water stays ice cold for far longer than any other brand.“We’ve completely changed the market, our bottles work up to seven times better than the leading models out there,” says co-founder Rohan. “But we’ll prove that on our own. There’s no need to compare to specific brands.”

These stats are blindingly impressive, and they’ve been proven time and again as the CRIO bottle is well past the prototype creation phase. “It works really well on my bike, and it doesn’t give me any more weight than any other bottle which is great for racing,” says a triathlete fan who’s tested out the new CRIO bottle.

After reviewing the science behind it, it looks like the CRIO bottle could be permanently changing the way we transport water. Being conscious of weight on your bike, plus your health and the very real dangers of BPA, CRIO could be the best new option for triathletes everywhere.

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If you support CRIO bottles’ Kickstarter campaign, you can get your own bottle for $35.

A small but vital disclaimer from me. This isn’t a paid product endorsement, nor did anyone from CRIO contact me for this article. I’ve actually put money into the Kickstarter project as I genuinely would like to get my hands on some of these drink bottles – who hasn’t had the issue of warm water on a long hot ride? (if you haven’t then you aren’t out there enough). Once I did put some money down, I felt the need to do a story or rather highlight the story behind this cool bottle. 




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