What Are The Future Plans for Super League Triathlon?

As Super League Jersey has wrapped up, the questions now turn to future plans for Super League Triathlon.

Leonid Boguslavsky revealed, “We are considering several opportunities, and we will make decisions shortly. Since it’s the first season for us, it’s an ad hoc approach. We are already putting agreements in place that make sure that all venues for Season One are long-term commitments and will be part of future seasons. We are planning to have between five and seven Super League Triathlon events per season.”

Super League Triathlon is also working with its media partner Lagardere Sports to grow its distribution and audiences globally. “We already have partnerships with ESPN, Sky, and Eurosport,” said Chris McCormack.

Michael d’Hulst added, “We grew our presence in China, and added three channels to the live coverage. And significant is the reach we will achieve with our post-produced documentary which is very accessible to a wider audience.”

The athletes will be back as well. “I, for sure, would love to take part in more Super League Triathlon events,” said Katie Zaferes.

“I want to support Super League Triathlon as they continue to set the pace on how to showcase our sport,” added Summer Cook.

Nicola Spirig shares the sentiment. She said, “We have a similar race in Switzerland, and I always found the different formats and the short distances desirable for both, spectators and athletes. I think it’s great to now have a professional, international series in such a format and will definitely try to do more of the events.”

Kristian Blummenfelt added, “I can’t wait to find out where the next location will be. I know that the Super League Triathlon crew are looking for another spectacular venue for their next event, and it will be good for both spectators, TV and us athletes.”

Richard Murray opined, “I believe it will be the go-to distance in the future.”

Competing in further events in the series will also reward the athletes financially as well as in other ways. d’Hulst revealed, “Jersey was the first round of the official series, and Super League Triathlon’s focus will be a bonus for the series. The individual events are aligned with the WTS, and the bonus structure will be Super League Triathlon’s unique selling point. Additionally, we are working on further rewards outside of race wins to promote competitiveness and audience interaction.

“Our commitment to investing in professional triathletes is high and a fundamental pillar of our brand. This starts with taking care of our athletes at venues, providing different financial rewards targeting not only the winner of events but obviously focused on the commitment to our series!”

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