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What to Buy Your Friend For Christmas if They’re a Triathlete

Choosing Christmas presents for triathletes can seem overwhelming with so many great products out there, so we’ve curated the best products in triathlon this year. Our list caters to all budgets starting from just $5, listed lowest to highest.

Heart Rate Variability App

Price: Team pro pricing starts at $5

Plenty of triathletes are also tech lovers, and these athletes love their data. If you know someone who loves to check out every aspect of their workouts and measure their biomarkers, the new HRV App is for them.

Why is HRV important?
Heart rate only measures your heart’s beats per minute, but HRV (heart rate variability) measures the relationship between the parasympathetic, and the sympathetic nervous systems.

The application determines your relative ‘stress score’ for the day, measured from 1 – 10

  • Green (7 – 10) means your good to go, your Autonomic nervous system is in check and your good to train at full wallop
  • Yellow (4 – 6) means your on a watching brief, you’re slightly overreaching or maybe a bit stressed out. The app recommends mindfulness exercises to relax and re-center for the next day.
  • Red (1 – 3) means you need to slow down, your either overtraining, deep in recovery or potentially sick.. hit up some light exercise or rest for the day

The best news? The basic subscription is free, but you can soon purchase the advanced analytics upgrade for just $5 per month making this app the ultimate affordable Christmas gift for your triathlete friends.

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Foam Roller

Price: $69

Every triathlete needs a foam roller, and this gift is the perfect practical, valuable gift for your triathlete buddy that won’t break the bank. Not only are they vital to prevent dreaded ITB friction syndrome and knee injuries in endurance athletes, but foam rollers are also useful in preventing back pain, neck pain, and are a challenging addition to any athletes’ core workout.

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Don’t get confused by the countless options and styles, choose a simple, full-length roller. They’re more versatile than the rollers with ridges and divots. Don’t choose a roller that is too ferociously rock hard, as your athlete friend or family member will never use it. You should be able to press on the roller and feel that it squashes down a little.

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Helmet – Scott Cadence Plus

Price $299

Scott analysed their fastest helmet designs, picked the very best, and added eight vents. A handful of vent plugs are available if you’re worried about too much air flow, but they’ll only add a tiny watt of power. If you’re looking out for your buddy’s safety, the MIPS helmet technology in this helmet is the best on the market.

This helmet is the perfect gift for your triathlete buddy or partner, as it’s ultra cooling for regular training sessions and it’s ultra-aerodynamic.

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Suunto Spartan Trainer HR Multi-Sport Watch

Price: $399

Suunto is well-known for their impressive high-end watches, but their prices are usually sky high. This snazzy little watch is a more affordable option, without losing any functionality. The Spartan Trainer HR is a fully-featured multisport watch with wrist-based heart rate support, Bluetooth Smart sense support, activity plus sleep tracking and power meter support.

If you want your bestie to look super snazzy in their new gift, this watch is for you. Choose from a ‘silicone’ finish in black, blue or turquoise, or a metal finish.

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Other features include waterproof capabilities to 50m, and a battery life of 10 hours in regular GPS tracking, 16 hours extended battery and 30 hours in standby. Our Trizone reviewer found the heart rate monitor to be more reliable than that of other watches, and the watch even works as a fitness tracker. This watch is sleek in design, pristine in its functionality and is more affordable than many other sports watches.

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Scicon bag – Scicon AeroComfort 3.0 Travel Bag

Price: $949

For die-hard triathletes who travel overseas with their bikes, this fancy bike bag is the ultimate Christmas gift, While it’s not cheap, the new model is the perfect way to keep a bike safe and secured during travel, making a triathlete’s journeys far less stressful.

The updated version is ultra fancy with reinforced sides, seams, extra-hardy wheels and countless internal improvements since the last model. The new steel rear derailleur protector and a chain keeper function to keep the chain out of the way.

This gift is ideal for the triathlete who has everything, and the best news is it built to last a very long time.

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Whether you’re looking to spend a little or a lot, one of the gifts above will appeal to your triathlete friend or family member.

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