Build Sustained Power with The Sufferfest’s New Release Defender

The Sufferfest, a comprehensive training app for cyclists and triathletes, today announced the release of their latest endurance workout, Defender. Adding to their library of over 50 structured interval workouts designed by elite coaches, this session puts riders in the middle of the action with officially-licensed pro footage from the Vuelta a España.

Defender is a 59-minute interval workout created by world-renowned coaches Neal Henderson and Mac Cassin at APEX Coaching in Boulder, Colorado. Built around four ten-minute intervals at or near an athlete’s Functional Threshold Power, Defender helps athletes improve their ability to pace and sustain long threshold efforts. Like all workouts from The Sufferfest, Defender uses the platform’s proprietary Four-Dimensional Power™ technology to ensure that every interval is precisely calibrated to an athlete’s complete power profile and personal fitness level.

“Managing and pacing efforts at threshold is as much about mental stamina as it is about physical endurance,” said Cassin. “Every interval in Defender starts right above threshold, gradually decreasing in intensity every two minutes. By the end of the interval the rider is right below threshold, but with a much higher perceived level of exertion. This helps athletes develop effective pacing strategies and better meter big efforts. Physiologically, Defender teaches your body to clear metabolites and produce aerobic power more efficiently. If you want a solid endurance builder, this session is it.”

“Workouts are only as effective as the coaches who design them,” said David McQuillen, CEO of The Sufferfest. “We work closely with Neal Henderson and Mac Cassin at APEX to ensure that every workout is purpose-built to be the most effective, targeted session possible. Defender is a great addition to our library and to the 100 training plans included with The Sufferfest Training System.”

To experience Defender and the rest of The Sufferfest catalogue of structured workouts, 30 yoga for cyclists videos, 10-week mental toughness programme, and over 100 free training plans, download The Sufferfest Training System or visit one of the 162 Licensed Sufferlandrian Embassies worldwide.

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