2024 Xterra Asia-Pacific Championship Course Overview

Xterra Taiwan's triathlon tests athletes with a swim, bike, and run through its challenging terrain under intense tropical conditions.

2024 Xterra Asia-Pacific  Championship Course Overview

Taiwan challenges participants with a demanding course across three distinct segments, each amplified by the island's tropical climate. Here’s a closer look incorporating details for race-day expectations.


The day begins with a 1.5-kilometer swim in the Pacific, specifically at the sheltered waters of Little Bay Beach. This segment involves two 750-meter laps with a beach run in-between, testing athletes’ ability to transition swiftly and maintain a steady pace in open water. The calm yet deceptive waters serve as a prelude to the ensuing physical demands.


Post-swim, athletes transition to cycling, moving through Kenting's town into the encompassing national park. The route tracks an old, dusty riverbed leading to a punishing climb to the summit of Mount Menmaluo. This ascent is notorious for its difficulty, a "brutal climb" in the truest sense, preparing competitors for the technical descent that follows. Last year, this descent was particularly hazardous, causing several punctures and testing athletes' navigational skills and equipment choices.


The final leg, a 12-kilometer run, presents a double-loop through challenging terrain. Athletes transition at Stony Brook Farm before tackling the Taiwanese jungle, which offers little respite from the relentless heat and humidity. This segment's demanding nature lies not just in its physical rigor but also in the mental tenacity required to endure the conditions with minimal shelter.

Environmental Factors

In the 2024 XTERRA World Cup - Taiwan, the climate's intense heat and humidity necessitate crucial acclimatisation and hydration strategies for athletes accustomed to cooler training environments. This adaptation is critical for competing at peak levels under Taiwan's demanding conditions. The diverse landscape of Kenting's southern mountains introduces a series of unpredictable challenges, notably by equipment failures such as the punctures experienced by Felix Forrissier and Maxim Chané due to the same notorious rock on the bike course.

Race Day Execution

The race unfolds with a battle against both the course and climatic conditions. Starting with the swim at Little Bay Beach, athletes face the mountainous terrain's demanding ascents and technical descents, leading into a challenging run through the dense, hot, and humid jungles of Taiwan. The 2023 race highlighted the significance of pace and strategy, as seen in Alizée Paties' victory.