Australia wins Commonweath Games Bronze Medal in Triathlon Mixed Relay

The Australian triathlon mixed relay team of Emma Moffatt, Aaron Royle, Emma Jackson and Ryan Bailie produced a strong performance to take bronze at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Australia wins Commonweath Games Bronze Medal in Triathlon Mixed Relay
Photo Credit: Delly Carr

The Australian Triathlon Mixed Relay team has taken bronze at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow behind Gold medalists Great Britain and Silver medalists South Africa.

Emma Moffatt took the first leg and after missing the first pack on the bike held her own to hand over to Aaron Royle who hit the swim with a 35sec deficit on the lead Canadian Matt Shape but pulled it back to 11sec at the start of his second leg run.

Australia’s 3rd leg athlete Emma Jackson moved the Australian’s in to the bronze medal position riding with Canada;s Sarah-Anne Brault and another athlete before handing the ‘batton’ to the anchor Ryan Bailie.

Bailie kept Australia in medal contention and on to the run started to battle with the Canadian anchor after South Africa’s Richard Murray put a gap on the two chasers early on in the run.

Canada pulled ahead midway on the run but Bailie wasn’t done yet and he surged late in the run and then had a sniff of the Silver medal as he closed in on a tiring Richard Murray. In the end Murray kicked on and held of Bailie and the Australian’s.

Pos Team Name Country Time Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3 Leg 4
1 Team I England GBR 01:13:24 00:18:59 00:17:29 00:19:20 00:17:36
2 Team I South Africa RSA 01:14:13 00:19:24 00:17:29 00:19:18 00:18:02
3 Team I Australia AUS 01:14:14 00:19:29 00:17:22 00:19:17 00:18:04
4 Team I Canada CAN 01:14:17 00:18:54 00:17:58 00:19:19 00:18:06
5 Team I New Zealand NZL 01:14:42 00:18:59 00:17:45 00:19:13 00:18:45
6 Team I Northern Ireland GBR 01:15:52 00:18:59 00:17:48 00:20:14 00:18:51
7 Team I Scotland GBR 01:17:50 00:19:24 00:18:27 00:21:11 00:18:48
8 Team I Wales GBR 01:17:53 00:20:21 00:18:37 00:19:54 00:19:01
9 Team I Mauritius MRI 01:25:01 00:21:11 00:20:00 00:22:12 00:21:38
photo 2
Ryan Bailie got within a whisker of Silver – Photo Credit: Channel Ten Australia
photo 1
Brownlee congratulates the Australian bronze medal team – Photo Credit: Channel Ten Australia