Australia’s Aaron Farlow and Germany’s Kirsten Moeller win Ironman UK Triathlon

Australia's Aaron Farlow has won Ironman UK in a new course run record of 2:41:45. Farlow led from start to finish and in the end had a gap of 13 minutes to savour the victory. Earlier in the week Farlow had raced the Alpe D'Huez triathlon making this victory even more impressive. Farlow

Australia’s Aaron Farlow has won Ironman UK in a new course run record of 2:41:45. Farlow didn’t have it all his own way after trailing for most of the bike but in the end had a gap of 13 minutes to savour the victory. Earlier in the week Farlow had raced a major triathlon four days previous making this victory even more impressive.

The race wasn’t a major focus for Farlow which is why he had such a big training week
and raced Alpe D’huez in the lead up to Ironman UK. “The week before was all just training and I was actually a
late entry. We just decide to pick races when we hit some form and looks
like we got it right this week.”

The results are a little deceptive as Aaron was out of the water in the lead group of three but never took the lead on the bike until the 150km mark. “At one point I was 5 minutes behind. After the first 20km of the bike I was trailing by 2min! I took a gamble and didn’t try and ride with the leader and it paid off as he went out too hard and the 150km mark I had caught him back up as he hell in to a bit of a hole. To his credit Romain still finished 2nd.”

Aaron says he always seems to have issues leading into and during a race and this week was no different. “I arrived on friday to find the rear derailer on my new P4 had been bent quite badly and spent a good part of yesterday at the bike shop getting it fixed. During the race the roads were so rough that one of the extensions on my tri bars vibrated loose so I had to hold that in place with one hand most of the way which was pretty interesting when I had to eat and drink.”

One of the major problems in the past for Aaron has been getting his nutrition and hydration right. “I think I done a great job of that today, I got off the bike ready to run the 42km and until the last 5km of the run I was able to hold it all together, so I was very happy with that.”

What about the run today? It was fast. “With the run I would love to say that I ran a 2.41 but there was a lot of fast run times there today from what I have heard. Maybe it was a little short? But I did feel great, I was actually holding back for the first half. Any issues about my knee/leg injury are now cleared!

Germany’s Kirsten Moeller has been posted the top female run splits below… If so this is an amazing run by Moeller.

Top FEMALE Run splits:

27 Kristin Moeller Female 1 FPRO 1 02:41:57 1
26 Diana Riesler Female 2 FPRO 2 03:02:28 2
20 Yvette Grice Female 3 FPRO 3 03:02:46 3
22 Joanna Carritt Female 4 FPRO 4 03:05:59 4
50 Aisling Coppinger Female 27 F40-44 3 03:07:13 5
28 Nicole Klinger Female 6 FPRO 5 03:12:31 6
1020 Elizabeth Hutson Female 7 F30-34 1 03:14:31 7
176 Claudia Johnston Female 5 F35-39 1 03:17:07 8
1049 Karen Smith Female 8 F40-44 1 03:19:30 9
1241 Alicja Medak Female 14 F35-39 3 03:21:01 10

1Farlow, Aaron30/MPRO0:45:004:53:462:41:458:24:33
2GUILLAUME, Romain26/MPRO0:45:034:57:582:54:168:41:24
3Saunders, Nick38/MPRO0:48:085:13:512:45:458:51:30
4Passuello, Domenico33/MPRO0:50:485:07:292:49:028:51:51
5Simon, Oliver32/MPRO0:44:575:12:592:52:578:54:28
6Platero, Miguel29/0:47:005:11:592:52:268:57:38
7Caceres Morales, Gregorio34/MPRO0:51:055:19:282:47:029:01:43
8Hawkins, Paul30/M30-340:48:015:14:162:57:499:03:40
9Radcliffe, Toby33/MPRO0:49:535:21:152:48:539:04:23
10Creasy, Rob31/M30-340:49:475:21:182:50:089:05:27
11Baxter, Sam28/M25-290:54:305:19:032:59:309:17:24
12Breadsell, Peter38/M35-391:05:585:04:383:04:079:19:17
13Schrading, Eric45/M45-490:55:155:28:072:55:469:24:20
14Baelus, Nick38/M35-390:54:265:22:473:05:179:27:43
15Tilley, Brian38/M35-390:55:005:35:442:52:519:29:41
16McParland, Daniel30/M30-340:55:275:21:463:07:459:29:49
17Reitan, Joachim42/M40-441:05:515:27:342:57:099:36:15
18Fuentes, Fernando35/M35-390:50:475:38:193:02:339:37:00
19Laitinen, Juha29/MPRO0:58:375:34:063:01:049:38:59
20Atzlinger, Armin24/M18-240:52:465:27:043:14:369:39:11
2Grice, Yvette31/FPRO0:50:315:39:323:02:469:37:31
3Carritt, Joanna35/FPRO0:55:205:53:073:05:589:59:20
4Johnston, Claudia38/F35-391:00:085:45:273:17:0610:07:55
5Hutson, Elizabeth31/F30-341:01:255:50:423:14:3110:12:31
6Smith, Karen43/F40-440:58:546:04:553:19:2910:30:49
7Holst, Tine0/F30-341:06:215:56:243:26:1910:33:59
8Fowler, Bethan33/F30-341:01:095:59:423:27:5210:34:39
9Renshaw, Kerri36/F35-390:50:486:04:013:28:4410:35:24
10Stadlmann, Monika34/FPRO0:52:515:58:243:39:3610:37:05
11Dauben, Conny36/FPRO0:58:346:12:383:23:2410:41:38
12Medak, Alicja38/F35-391:12:316:03:423:21:0010:45:30
13Kirton, Marie32/F30-341:01:316:09:343:33:0310:50:09
14King, Nicola40/F40-441:02:026:19:483:35:5111:04:32
15Boyd, Fiona32/F30-340:55:276:17:153:43:0911:04:32
16Siemelink, Catherine45/F45-491:18:366:07:483:35:4411:09:30
17Brougham, Katherine28/F25-291:13:326:21:443:23:0311:12:04
18Bartlett, Nikki24/F18-241:08:246:14:213:40:2411:13:34
19Fudge, Claire32/F30-341:07:416:27:363:42:4011:23:42
20Stephenson, Fiona28/F25-291:02:416:24:113:50:1611:25:35
21Hibbert, Amy27/F25-291:07:106:28:103:36:3811:26:25