Beth Potter Seals Another Victory for Team GB at the 2023 World Triathlon Championship

Winning at the Groupe Coplay World Triathlon Championship Series Montreal, Potter clinches her second season win, reinforcing Team GB's dominance in the women's series.

Beth Potter Seals Another Victory for Team GB at the 2023 World Triathlon Championship

Why it matters: Beth Potter's victory at the 2023 Groupe Coplay World Triathlon Championship Series Montreal marked another milestone for Team GB, asserting their dominance in the women's series this season.

Setting the pace: Despite a rain-altered scenario and Taylor Knibb's (USA) unexpected penalty at T1, Potter was able to overcome a 34-second deficit post-swim to outperform her competitors. Knibb's late briefing attendance resulted in a 10-second penalty but was insufficient to dampen her spirits, as she took a lead during the bike leg.

What they're saying:

  • “I didn’t have a great swim today but I just made sure I stayed cool and calm and worked hard on the first two laps of the bike and got back on... that’s a big confidence boost,” said Beth Potter, winner.
  • "I am just very happy for my race... To take the second today, it’s amazing. I am very happy. Now my focus is the Paris Test Event,” Leonie Periault, the second-place finisher, reflected.
  • "I am thrilled... I think sport is more about having the struggles and standing back up and keeping on fighting. I am very happy I didn’t quit and hopefully I will be back even more now,” said Summer Rappaport, who secured third place.

By the numbers:

  • Beth Potter (GBR) took the top spot with a time of 58:10
  • Leonie Periault (FRA) secured second place with a time of 58:12
  • Summer Rappaport (USA) clinched the bronze with a time of 58:19
  • Taylor Knibb (USA) received a 10-second penalty but managed to finish 6th with a time of 58:36

Between transition: The race witnessed an intense duel between Knibb and Rappaport during the bike leg, leading to a 15-second gap at one point. However, a swift transition saw Rappaport leading the race on foot, later overtaken by Potter, Periault, and Rappaport towards the end.

Through Time: Beth Potter's second win of the season and career, after a previous win in Abu Dhabi, showing her confidence and helps extend Britain’s flawless start to the WTCS season with a fourth straight victory.

The bottom line: Potter's win reiterates the strength of the GB team in this season's championship.

  1. Beth Potter 00:58:10
  2. Leonie Periault 00:58:12
  3. Summer Rappaport 00:58:19
  4. Jeanne Lehair 00:58:28
  5. Katie Zaferes 00:58:33