Cairns to Host Prestigious Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship in 2024

Cairns to host the 2024 Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship, featuring top athletes in the Ironman Pro Series.

Cairns to Host Prestigious Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship in 2024
The Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship returns to Cairns this year. Photo: Korupt Vision

Cairns is gearing up for the return of the Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship in 2024, scheduled for the 16th June, inviting elite athletes from around the world to compete in this great event. The race not only promises challenging competition for athletes of all ages but also stands as a key race within the new Ironman Pro Series. This series brings together top professional athletes in a battle for a season-ending bonus pool of US$1.7 million, with the Cairns event offering an additional US$150,000 prize purse.

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Geoff Meyer, Managing Director of Oceania for The Ironman Group, expressed excitement about hosting the championship in Cairns, describing it as a "race in paradise." The event not only highlights the breathtaking landscapes of the region but also elevates its status with the inclusion in the Ironman Pro Series, aiming to draw a global audience to witness the fierce competition. This year’s championship is set to enhance Cairns' reputation as a premier destination for world-class triathlon events, offering unparalleled racing experiences in an idyllic setting.