Frodeno Eyes Storybook Swan Song at Ironman Nice

Looking to end his illustrious career on the ultimate high note, veteran champion Jan Frodeno will attempt to summon his stellar abilities one final time at the Ironman World Championship in Nice.

Frodeno Eyes Storybook Swan Song at Ironman Nice

The legendary Jan Frodeno comes into his retirement race feeling calm and excited for one final challenge. Now 41 years old, Jan believes he has "one more" peak performance in him and has prepared extensively in the mountains near his home. Though lacking some training consistency after an injury-plagued 2021, his current fitness is the best he's ever been numerically.

Jan feels the very hilly Nice bike course could suit his strengths as an excellent climber and skilled descender. The 8,000 feet of climbing will test even the strongest cyclists. Jan's ability to pace the climbs and technically handle the descents could give him an advantage over less experienced riders.

While Jan acknowledges young stars like Magnus Ditlev have raised the bar, he draws confidence from a surprising win earlier this year at the Collins Cup. Jan's big race experience and tenacity to "hate losing" often allow him to rise to the top when it matters most.

If Jan can exit the bike near the lead, he believes he can capitalise on the flat, fast run course. Though Jan's top end speed is reduced from his peak, he feels strong over the Ironman distance. After a storied career, Jan would love to finish with one more world title, but mostly hopes to contend with the top men one last time. Given his pedigree and preparation, Jan Frodeno has an excellent opportunity to deliver the ultimate final triumph this weekend.