How to Watch the 2023 PTO European Open in Ibiza

Catch the star-studded 2023 PTO European Open in Ibiza through various broadcasters and platforms, including Eurosport, Discovery+, GCN+, PTO+, and YouTube, with a new Live Race Dashboard providing live race data.

How to Watch the 2023 PTO European Open in Ibiza

The 2023 PTO European Open in Ibiza, featuring a lineup of world-class triathletes, will be broadcast live in 195 territories, reaching 425 million households and translated into 22 languages.

With a compelling 100km race set against the beautiful Balearic backdrop, the men's field includes all three Olympic gold medalists in the sport since 2008, while the women's race features 8 of the top 10 PTO World Ranked athletes, making it a must-watch event for sports fans.

Fans in Europe and the Indian Subcontinent can watch the event exclusively via Eurosport, Discovery+, or GCN+. Viewers in the rest of the world can watch for free and ad-free on PTO+, through a selection of TV broadcasters or on YouTube in selected territories.

For the first time, the PTO will also provide a second-screen experience with a Live Race Dashboard featuring live race data and live blogging.