Leon Griffin and Madeleine Oldfield win 2XU Falls Creek Triathlon

70.3 specialist Leon Griffin was back in winning form taking out the inaugural 2XU Falls Creek Triathlon, ahead of Olympic Triathlon bronze medalist (2000) Jan Rehula, and the Snowy Mountains' Lindsay Wall. After talking himself down last week on Trizone Leon came through with a great win. Gri

70.3 specialist Leon Griffin was back in winning form taking out the inaugural 2XU Falls Creek Triathlon, ahead of Olympic Triathlon bronze medalist (2000) Jan Rehula, and the Snowy Mountains’ Lindsay Wall.

After talking himself down last week on Trizone Leon came through with a great win. Griffin’s dark horse pic was David Meade who finished 4th overall. Griffin was Jason Shortis’s pic for the race. Jason’s dark horse pic was Monty Frankish who finished 5th one place behind David Meade. Meade somehow manages to train enough to race these times while running a business along with having two young boys. He has to be one of the fastest age groupers going around even though he raced open this weekend.

Leon Griffin’s win is even more significant due to his new working life. “I only train 60-70% of what I used to do when a fulltime athlete. The win feels fantastic. It has been a while between drinks and is so great for the motivation and confidence going forward. I am hoping to back it up with a good performance at the National Long Course Champs next month.”

Griffin managed to catch Jan at about 8km in to the run. “I just kept things ticking along. If there was one thing I learnt from training at altitude all those years its that patience is the key!”

A prize pool of $10,000 was up for grabs as participants battled their way through Australia’s highest triathlon, over the 2km swim, 80km cycle, and 20km trail run.

Falls Creek turned on perfect racing conditions, with the sun streaming down at the break of dawn, treating participants to a breathtaking scenic backdrop as they took on what has proven to be a tough, yet exhilarating course!

Rehula led out the talented field in both the swim and cycle, before being hunted down by Griffin on the arduous trail run.

Storming through the course in the Elite female division was Madeleine Oldfield, who has stepped up to long course this season after her recent unbeaten form in the Gatorade Triathlon Series.

“The course would have to be my favourite triathlon, but was the hardest thing I have done.” Oldfield exclaimed as she was presented her 1st place award.

Oldfield held off Liz Blatchford to take a 2 and a half minute lead, followed closely by Michelle Wu in 3rd place.

How times change! After swearing to never do a long distance triathlon again at the end of the Shepparton half ironman in November Madeleine has obviously had a change of heart. Blatchford and Wu may have wished she kept her word.

Madeleine Oldfield had spent some time training over the course a month ago and had a fairly good idea of what to expect. “The course is brutal, starting off with a 2km swim in 15 degree water, followed by a super hilly 80km on the bike, and finishing off with a 20km trail/cross country run. The course alone is tough enough, however we had the added bonus of altitude to contend with. This was not your average race, and I knew that the strongest athlete would come home with the goods at the end of the day. I love tough racing, so couldn’t wait to get started.”

Many have said that not only was this a challenging course, but an amazing event not to missed next year. The feeling of elation was felt amongst competitors as they crossed the finish line.

Oldfield had to come from behind and managed to catch Blatchford on the bike and then was joined by Wu. “I managed to get out on the run course first and just focused on holding a constant pace and getting my nutrition right. As the kilometers ticked over I started to feel stronger and stronger and knew that if I let my lead slip now then I had missed a great opportunity, so I put all I had into getting to that finish line in the top position. I was super excited when it finally came around and I crossed the line in First Place Elite Female and Victorian Long Course Champion.”

Oldfield’s coach, pro triathlete Josh Rix, sounded more excited than Madeleine “For Madeleine to win on that course and to beat a quality women’s field like that so convincingly in only her second time over that distance shows what an amazing athlete she is and the potential that is being realised… lookout!”

Supporting the inaugural triathlon was the Mizuno Trail Running Festival, which saw competitors head out along the scenic aqueduct trail navigating around the Falls Creek Village.

Gordon Meredith and Colleen Middleton took out the Mizuno Falls Creek Half Marathon; Aaron Knight and Melanie Spano won the 10km, and Harrie Weatherall and Chanelle Fraser stepped over the line in first place for the 5km.

2000 people made the journey to Falls Creek, with 850 participating in the events. Falls Creek CEO David Herman was thrilled with the turnout, which he hopes will showcase how spectacular summer in Falls Creek can be.

3:56:41.00Leon GriffinM Elite0:28:482:09:571:16:09
3:57:25.00Jan RehulaM Elite0:27:492:10:011:18:08
3:58:40.80Lindsey WallM Elite0:28:452:10:031:18:06
4:02:23.20David MeadeM Elite0:30:252:08:221:21:55
4:02:34.10Monty FrankishM Elite0:28:502:09:541:22:16
4:03:03.00Luke WhitmoreM Elite0:30:232:14:181:16:45
4:04:58.60Chris BradfordM Elite0:30:272:08:101:24:42
4:07:18.80Ben AllenM Elite0:26:322:16:571:22:27
4:10:27.80Jason ShortisM Elite0:32:442:13:411:21:57
4:13:43.00Tom JepsonM Elite0:30:292:15:391:25:25
4:14:54.40Choi Jae HunM Elite0:27:412:19:271:24:51
4:16:48.20Reece StephensM Elite0:33:582:12:051:28:12
4:27:43.60Sam McleanM Elite0:30:292:25:021:30:17
4:56:58.00Heath PorterM Elite0:32:552:41:131:39:53
4:30:05.50Madeleine OldfieldF Elite0:31:122:28:161:29:01
4:32:45.70Liz BlatchfordF Elite0:29:142:29:191:31:41
4:35:35.70Michelle WuF Elite0:31:272:27:251:34:23
4:37:02.20Nicole WardF Elite0:31:262:32:391:30:31
4:39:03.30Suzanne AlwayF Elite0:34:332:25:321:35:18
4:51:20.50Elly FranksF Elite0:31:252:32:241:45:15
5:23:28.20Sam De RiterF 18-240:39:482:39:301:57:37
6:53:07.70Emma WeirF 18-240:42:472:56:553:07:43
4:58:40.60Wendy McalpineF 25-290:33:322:41:031:39:50
5:02:19.20Rhiannon SnipeF 25-290:36:102:48:221:34:09
5:05:59.60Fiona ForsterlingF 25-290:34:252:48:211:38:43
5:10:44.60Sarah ForsterlingF 25-290:37:122:50:061:39:30
5:21:46.40Deanne OrtonF 25-290:35:202:46:401:56:41
5:25:17.30Elizabeth MooreF 25-290:39:322:48:561:51:24
5:30:44.80Mandy HabenerF 25-290:41:062:50:411:52:41
5:32:52.50Kristen BarlingF 25-290:51:043:12:021:19:28
5:39:23.80Jen DavisF 25-290:39:042:47:352:09:01
5:39:25.60Kate ListerF 25-290:39:272:59:461:55:18
5:53:27.50Lorraine HorganF 25-290:41:183:03:122:02:39
5:56:43.40Leonie AbbottF 25-290:39:133:04:052:08:13
6:03:19.40Sarah SorensonF 25-290:36:463:01:102:21:12
6:18:41.80Fiona CollierF 25-290:40:293:16:562:13:45
6:19:31.70Melanie ParkerF 25-290:53:193:07:432:11:05
6:25:28.10Katie DickF 25-290:42:443:24:492:09:02
6:29:14.20Sarah GreenwoodF 25-290:41:433:35:572:05:52
6:33:18.60Anna GreavesF 25-290:45:253:36:002:00:30
6:33:18.60Zoe ClarkF 25-290:46:393:35:472:00:32
6:45:30.90Helen ArblasterF 25-290:40:213:24:312:33:29
4:54:20.10Emma MillerF 30-340:36:292:34:431:38:56
5:00:41.90Tarryn WhitmoreF 30-340:32:542:40:011:45:04
5:07:07.00Bernadette DornomF 30-340:37:092:47:261:38:32
5:08:02.60Elizabeth DornomF 30-340:39:202:46:161:39:06
5:18:35.60Rachel WardF 30-340:40:002:43:161:51:15
5:36:28.60Sarah FinlayF 30-340:43:102:57:551:50:14
5:49:01.80Jo HanleyF 30-340:44:493:04:251:54:16
5:59:01.10Jennifer CollierF 30-340:35:163:20:511:57:41
6:01:37.80Tamara SpargoF 30-340:44:453:11:151:53:48
6:04:41.90Alison MannF 30-340:36:363:06:142:16:56
6:09:49.50Adri-Anne ScholtesF 30-340:53:473:04:582:05:00
6:13:21.70Emily ClarkF 30-340:48:523:20:261:54:34
6:14:46.00Jennifer RingF 30-340:57:393:09:142:03:55
6:16:34.80Angela HarrisF 30-340:45:463:18:462:00:14
6:23:54.10Karyn WintertonF 30-340:48:073:15:122:13:18
6:24:20.80Kendall MacdowellF 30-340:46:173:24:232:06:23
6:31:53.30Amy ParkF 30-340:50:482:55:322:34:14
6:44:35.20Fiona CostelloF 30-340:40:463:39:202:19:13
6:52:05.00Natalie StendtF 30-340:49:063:27:372:29:58
5:27:36.80Lydia BellewF 35-390:39:493:02:141:40:18
5:49:51.40Melissa CarmodyF 35-390:38:423:08:191:54:30
6:02:30.70Nerissaclaire StaffordF 35-390:41:423:10:012:04:29
6:31:28.80Fiona MathewsF 35-390:41:213:17:592:26:56
6:47:50.50Ruth BloomF 35-390:43:133:33:192:24:32
4:42:41.90Bev ThomasF 40-440:35:382:35:021:29:43
5:05:07.00Melissa MckinlayF 40-440:40:232:40:011:41:16
5:23:14.60Rochelle KursidimF 40-440:37:522:52:241:49:34
5:33:37.30Tori HadleyF 40-440:38:492:58:581:50:45
5:44:35.60Jodie JohnsF 40-440:44:252:59:221:53:37
6:15:52.80Heidi BrambergerF 40-440:41:053:07:292:22:27
6:21:11.00Annabel BrennanF 40-440:38:453:29:452:03:37
6:48:36.50Jacquie EarlF 40-440:38:183:24:372:30:33
6:52:11.30Anna CarruthersF 40-440:43:593:32:552:16:06
6:48:17.60Andrea JacksonF 45-490:44:293:28:372:19:40
5:41:33.00Gina McvicarF 50-540:35:512:54:142:06:32
6:10:31.20Rosie SpicerF 50-540:47:333:04:442:12:51
6:29:48.00Annette BruntonF 50-540:49:483:17:202:14:43
7:00:51.50Susan Scott*F 50-540:48:213:26:352:37:45
7:16:38.00Stephanie McpharlinF 55-591:00:173:35:002:29:01
4:23:07.80Cadeyrn DouglasM 18-240:31:272:21:291:27:02