Spied: The all-new FELT IA

Felt's new IA triathlon bike, featuring innovative 'oxeon Textreme carbon fabric' and unique design elements, promises enhanced performance and appeal in the Australian market.

Spied: The all-new FELT IA
The all-new Felt IA

Felt bicycles have released an all-new triathlon-specific bike, named the IA, for ‘Integrated Aero’. Like Cervelo, Trek and Specialized, Felt have decided to make a rig designed purely for triathlon, forgoing UCI regulations for tube shapes and geometries.

The frame is a beautiful lay up of ‘oxeon Textreme carbon fabric’ which has allowed Felt to shed a little weight -for the relative bulk of the frame, that is- whilst maintaining frame integrity and stiffness. Interesting features include a new seatpost clamp design which will allow for a seatpost of lighter construction.

With internal storage, integrated brakes and cockpit, this IA should be quite popular in the Australian market if the success of the Shiv Tri is anything to go by.

No word yet from Felt as to when the new IA will hit Australian shores, and at what cost, but stay tuned to Trizone as we keep you up to date – Felt should be releasing more details in the forthcoming hours.