Tim Reed and Amelia Watkinson win Challenge Gold Coast

Tim Reed and Amelia Watkinson win Challenge Gold Coast

With extreme wet weather conditions forcing the organisers to shorten the bike leg of the inaugural Challenge Gold Coast race day decided to change it’s mind and provided better than expected race conditions. The shortened 40km bike course meant that the race favourites would have to work harder on the bike to provide a buffer on to the run.

Tim Reed did not disappoint and as expected was the one to beat on the day. One of the strongest cyclists tin the sport Reed ate up the first half of the bike leg with Sam Appleton and Casey Munro also leading the field. Munro unfortunately punctured out of the race while leading.

Tim Reed enjoying the run - Photo: Luke Martin
Tim Reed enjoying the run – Photo: Luke Martin

Both Reed and Appleton ran a controlled race and with their buffer out of T2 they were able to enjoy the run.

(Tongue in cheek…) We wonder if Appleton ever considered having a crack for the Royal Challenge Bahrain package or if attempting to push the coach just before the world 70.3 champs would have not been worth the fallout…

Coming out of the water at the back of the second pack was eventual 3rd placed David Mainwaring. “The swim didn’t go quite as planned as I felt really average for the first 500m but came good as the swim unfolded. This bike course was built for Mainwaring. He loves hills and entered the race after Trizone went up to have a drive around the course. “Being only a 40km bike I got stuck into the ride straight away and rode through my pack. I bridged up to the first chase pack about 9km in to find Reedy, Appo and Munro (later to get a flat) had already gone off the front.

The bike was just more rolling hills and quite slippery/technical which made it easier for Mainwaring to break up the pack. “I was left with Jacobs, Hull and Robertson riding back into town after the u-turn”. The pace on the way back was not to overly strong with the slight downhill. Mainwaring started the run feeling fresh. “I took a conservative approach at the start of the run not going out too hard which I have been victim of before. I tried to run a controlled race throughout to consolidate 3rd as Appo and Reedy were well up the road. The run felt pretty good throughout. At around the 16km mark I felt confident I had 3rd wrapped up and was able to enjoy the last few kms”.

Sam Appleton chasing coach Tim Reed - Photo: Luke Martin
Sam Appleton chasing coach Tim Reed – Photo: Luke Martin
David Mainwaring very happy with 3rd overall - Photo: Huub Design
David Mainwaring very happy with 3rd overall – Photo: Huub Design

In the women’s race New Zealander Amelia Watkinson showed what a talented up and coming triathlete she is. The qualified Architect who is currently studying her Masters has had a great domestic year with wins in the Auckland Half, New Plymouth Half and a second in the Port of Tauranga Half amongst many other results.

Watkinson has been showing glimpses of what to come since 2011 and those that know her were confident that she had what it takes to win this race.

Back racing after a challenging year was former ITU world champion Annabel Luxford. Just over two months ago Luxford was struggling to walk and to take second overall in the women’s race was a remarkable turnaround.

Annabel Luxford was the first to emerge from the swim, with the Kiwi Amelia Rose Watkinson in tow and Lisa Marangon right on her heels.

Watkinson did let Luxford get away on the bike as they showed caution in the wet and slippery conditions. It was clear the winner would be decided between these two as Marangon had slipped further back to be nearly four minutes behind.

Luxford and Watkinson ran shoulder to shoulder for most of the first lap of the run, neither giving an inch.

Madeline Oldfield had run herself into third over the fading Marangon with Renee Baker moving through the field and holding down fourth place.

On the final lap and closing stages Watkinson pulled ahead, Luxford was unable to respond.

It was Watkinson’s first professional win and she was overwhelmed after crossing the line.

“The support out there was great – it was my first international race as a pro so I didn’t really know what to expect but I’m really happy to take the win. The chance to win the Bahrain Royal Package was real motivation on the run – it will be an absolute dream come true to race there. I’ve seen the start list and it will be amazing to race along side all those athletes,” said Watkinson.

While disappointed with second Luxford was buoyed with her performance, her first race back since a bike crash back in May.

“I ran within myself today but my quads cramped,” said Luxford.

“It was a solid hit out and gives me a good indication of where I’m at ahead of world champs,” said Luxford.

Tineke Stewart ran herself onto the podium to claim third.

Both winners not only received a slice of the AUD$35,000 prize purse but a Royal Package to Challenge Bahrain on December 6. The package includes business class airfares, 5 star accommodation and personal driver.

In addition to the professional field 1,400 age group competitors also conquered the conditions and course to make their way to the finished line to create history, as the first to participate in what Pete Jacobs predicts will be the most iconic long course race in Queensland.

Pos Race No Print Name Time Category Cat Pos Gen Pos Suburb
1 2 Tim Reed 02:35:50 Open 1 1 Suffolk Park
2 8 Sam Appleton 02:36:19 Open 2 2 Warrimoo
3 19 David Mainwaring 02:37:58 Open 3 3 Wollongong
4 5 Bryce McMaster 02:39:49 Open 4 4 Daisy Hill
5 99 Levi Maxwell 02:40:50 25-29 1 5 Newtown
6 12 Nicholas Hull 02:41:31 Open 5 6 CHAPEL HILL
7 13 Lindsey Wall 02:42:45 Open 6 7 Yamba
8 21 Richard Pearson 02:44:56 Open 7 8 Woolgoolga
9 23 Bradley Clark 02:44:59 Open 8 9 Modanville
10 11 Ryan Palazzi 02:45:01 Open 9 10 MACKAY
11 22 Adam Gordon 02:45:01 Open 10 11 Southport
12 7 Michael Fox 02:45:05 Open 11 12 Cronulla
13 304 Ben Bell 02:45:15 35-39 1 13 WINDANG
14 4 Peter Robertson 02:45:43 Open 12 14 Clunes
15 220 Clint Kimmins 02:46:24 30-34 1 15 Palm Beach
16 188 Matt Clark 02:46:32 30-34 2 16 Seaford
17 100 Alexander Polizzi 02:46:33 25-29 2 17 Port Melbourne
18 200 Jarrod Owen 02:46:33 30-34 3 18 Townsville City
19 326 Paul O’Doherty 02:47:00 35-39 2 19 Randwick
20 10 Shane Barrie 02:47:00 Open 13 20 Varsity Lakes

Pos Race No Name Time Category Cat Pos Suburb Swim Cycle Run
27 34 Amelia Watkinson 02:49:59 Open 1 Westmere 00:22:41 01:03:19 01:23:59
31 31 Annabel Luxford 02:51:05 Open 2 Bardon 00:22:10 01:03:53 01:25:02
75 39 Tineke Stewart 03:00:53 Open 3 Lower Hutt 00:26:40 01:06:52 01:27:20
76 36 Madeleine Oldfield 03:01:01 Open 4 Trevallyn 00:24:14 01:06:26 01:30:20
80 40 Polly Mosley 03:01:38 Open 5 Byron Bay 00:24:38 01:10:50 01:26:09
81 38 Renee Baker 03:02:07 Open 6 Mount Claremont 00:24:07 01:06:35 01:31:24
85 32 Lisa Marangon 03:02:55 Open 7 Maroubra 00:22:48 01:07:29 01:32:37
90 33 Belinda Granger 03:04:01 Open 8 Noosa Heads 00:23:58 01:07:51 01:32:11
93 814 Rosie Oldham 03:04:33 30-34 1 Elwood 00:28:03 01:08:01 01:28:27
95 35 Matilda Raynolds 03:04:43 Open 9 Braidwood 00:34:07 02:30:35
97 815 Kate Warren 03:05:12 30-34 2 Turners Beach 00:24:42 01:06:40 01:33:49
104 37 Rachael Paxton 03:06:10 Open 10 Mooloolaba 00:24:11 01:01:55 01:40:04
105 812 Anne Alford 03:06:12 30-34 3 The Palms 00:25:13 01:06:24 01:34:34
116 41 Christie Sym 03:07:38 Open 11 North Manly 00:24:16 00:19:33 02:23:48
117 796 Briarna Mackie 03:07:45 30-34 4 KELVIN GROVE 00:25:32 01:10:46 01:31:27
121 896 Melinda Cockshutt 03:08:21 40-44 1 Port Macquarie 00:24:40 01:08:41 01:34:58
126 845 Tamlyn Mathiske 03:08:51 35-39 1 VARSITY LAKES 00:29:06 01:11:00 01:28:45
146 859 Michelle Barnes 03:11:49 35-39 2 Yeronga 00:27:36 01:11:18 01:32:54
152 827 Rosie Mcgeoch 03:12:41 35-39 3 YEERONGPILLY 00:26:13 01:07:13 01:39:14
170 823 Jaimielle Jacobs 03:14:22 30-34 5 Noosa Heads 00:25:02 01:11:46 01:37:32