Triathlon Australia Newsflash

We would be naive to think that no one in triathlon is 'on the gear' and there have been a number of cases over the years where triathletes, both professional and age group, have been caught and banned. Let's hope our sport keeps it's relatively clean image and any triathlete

We would be naive to think that no one in triathlon is ‘on the gear’ and there have been a number of cases over the years where triathletes, both professional and age group, have been caught and banned. Let’s hope our sport keeps it’s relatively clean image and any triathlete who may be looking for an artificial boost rethinks what they are doing. In light of the allegations currently in the news in Australia with our major sports being named in relation to doping and match fixing anyone in triathlon who is using illegal drugs would have to be stupid to think that they will not be eventually caught. Maybe not now or in the near future but think about the long term future. How are you going to tell your children that you cheated when they looked up to you as their idol growing up. Any blood or urine taken now will forever hold you in fear of eventually being caught out when tests catch up. And they always do.

From Triathlon Australia CEO, Anne Gripper

Dear Members,

We are sure you will be disappointed by yesterday’s release of the report of the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) outlining significant issues affecting the integrity of sport in Australia.

We would like to assure our members that Triathlon was not named in the report, nor have we been approached by ASADA to provide information on any aspect of integrity within our sport.

We would also like to assure you that we remain vigilant on issues such as doping and race-fixing.  We work throughout the year in close cooperation with ASADA to ensure our elite athletes are comprehensively tested both in and out of competition.   In addition to standard blood and urine testing, we are one of a few sports included in ASADA’s biological passport program. Our athletes, coaches and staff are provided with regular and comprehensive education on doping issues through our Education Partnership Agreement with ASADA.

In recent months, we have taken careful note of the recommendations made by Justice Wood in his recently released report into the governance and doping issues in the sport of cycling in Australia.   To further strengthen our anti-doping efforts, we will be adopting the recommendations which have relevance to triathlon.   This will include the establishment of an Ethics and Integrity Panel to review issues of doping, race-fixing and other matters which can damage the integrity of our sport.   We are also carefully considering the introduction of a Declaration which our elite and professional athletes, coaches, staff and Board members will be required to sign.

Yesterday’s report has been described as the “blackest day in Australian sport”.  It is also important to remember that this is a bright day for athletes, coaches, doctors and sports scientists who choose to do the right thing.   The ACC report will ensure that many of their cheating competitors are removed from sport and many others will be deterred from doping activities. It is also a testament to the strength of the Australian anti-doping system that an investigation of this scale can be undertaken.   Very few other countries have the resources or powers to do this.

As members of a contemporary sport with a predominantly clean culture, we urge you to do your bit to preserve the reputation of our sport.   You are reminded that all competitors are covered by our Anti-Doping Policy which is in alignment with the World Anti Doping-Code maintained by the World Anti-Doping Agency.   If you see or hear of any doping activities in triathlon (or any other sport), we urge you to report the information to ASADA via the confidential reporting process.

Anne Gripper
Chief Executive Officer