Trix-Gear Triathlon Lifestyle T-Shirts

What do you get when you cross a triathlon obsessed husband with a graphic designer wife? Marriage met on middle ground and some pretty inspired tri lifestyle t-shirts. Frustrated by lack of fashion friendly tri inspired t-shirts during their seven plus years participating and spectating the team takes on the need and launches their online store September ‘09.

Paul and Celeste Duffy noted a distinct lack of cool triathlon related t-shirts in the marketplace. They source local suppliers who value product responsibility. Use eco friendly materials as much as possible to produce quality products we as owners, parents and individuals can be proud of.

Paul Duffy has been participating in triathlons since 2002 but it wasn’t until his brain tumor in ‘05 that the sport became more meaningful to him. Getting up to train day after day has come to symbolize good health and capability. Paul’s wife agrees but would add that the sport really suits his hyperactive nature and is a great counter balance to a largely sedentary day.

Celeste Duffy has yet to compete in a triathlon herself but does not feel this impedes her insight into the sport. Having trailed three kids over seven years to dozens of races not to mention accommodating her husband’s persistent and busy training schedule must certainly qualify her for some form of a finisher’s shirt.

While she waits she applies her graphic design background and her rather lengthy hours of spectating to Trix-Gear’s line of t-shirts.

Trix-Gear is being distributed in Australia by Kristian Manietta and Charlotte Paul of, who both love the Trix-Gear style, design and story.

Tees available from babies to adult.

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