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Eric’s real life shown in only a few minutes

Eric Lagerstrom is one of America’s top triathletes, but he’s different to most. Not only is Lagerstrom sponsored by Red Bull, he records much of his life as a triathlete on film; from daily training runs to a visit to the physical therapist. You’ve never seen the life of a triathlete quite like this.

Fast-paced RnB music with interjections of “let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go” by 2 Chainz, and Eric Lagerstrom’s video starts with a ‘point of view’ (POV) outlook of a running track. The camera bobs up and down with each step and the music beats heavily, until he cuts across a goat track and you hear a crunch.

Next thing you know, Eric is heading into a Physical therapy practice to get some help for an injury he sustaine while out for the run that started the video (we’re guessing) You see part of Lagerstrom’s treatment, then hear him say “I feel incredible,” and as you’re still watching from his POV, you see him leave the clinic. Next, we’re bobbing along again on the same running track from the start with 2 Chainz chanting manically again.

Lagerstrom invites you into the daily life of a pro

Sure, Eric knows his daily life might not be the most thrilling thing to watch, but he also knows how many people want to learn about the real daily life of a professional triathlete. By shooting POV and adding rap music, funny video-game-style editing or stylistic filters, he’s made the endless hours involved in triathlon training fun.

Plus! He’s invited you in. When you’re watching, you feel like you’re him, and you can see his daily life as it unfolds in front of you. Eric has created a bridge between his fans, and his daily life. He’s invited them in to show them exactly where he runs, how fast he goes, where he cycles, where he goes when he’s injured and he’s had plenty of fun along the way.

A day in the life

In episode 21, you see the beautiful sun-kissed running track he motors along. In episode 22, you see a heavily-moustached Lagerstrom cycle hard along a busy road with friends; with plenty of hilarious video-game-style commentary laid over the top. For a completely different spin, episode 23 is shot in 60’s-style flickering video showcasing a beautiful sunlit beach Eric is running along, and a blissful Lagerstrom looking out to sea at the end. Clearly, he’s had fun making these videos, and they’re fun to watch.

Now though, like most elite athletes, Lagerstrom is a perfectionist and finding he doesn’t have time to create perfect videos, so he’s taking a time out from filming for the moment. Not to worry, you can catch up on the back log of all his videos to see where he trains, how he trains and have a few laughs along the way. Watch Lagerstrom’s videos here.

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