Michael Fox and Lisa Marangon win race 3 of the Sydney Sprint Series

Michael Fox pulled one back on Sam Douglas when he won race 3 of the 2010/2011 Sydney Sprint Series. A month ago in Nowra Sam rode away from Michael in the triseries Olympic distance race put on by Elite Energy. Both guys ran a fairly similar, but tough, 10km in Nowra. On Sunday, Fox ran […]

Michael Fox pulled one back on Sam Douglas when he won race 3 of the 2010/2011 Sydney Sprint Series. A month ago in Nowra Sam rode away from Michael in the triseries Olympic distance race put on by Elite Energy. Both guys ran a fairly similar, but tough, 10km in Nowra. On Sunday, Fox ran away from Sam and really stamped his authority on the race. Brady cramped on the run while in third place. Ben Hammond was chasing and when he saw Matt Brady had pulled up he stopped to offer assistance… ummm no he didn’t. He smiled and ran in to third place in the age group and took the bronze medal. Matt had put in one of the fastest swims and bikes before he succumbed to cramps on the run.  He posted 10:33 for the swim and 28:40 on the bike.

In the women’s race Lisa Marangon was dominant from start to finish. Siobhan McCarthy suffered a bit from the heat the previous day and struggled. Siobhan put in a solid fourth behind Natalie Van Coevorden and Laura Siddall. Natalie raced incredibly well with a blistering run almost a minute and a half faster than Lisa but lost too much on the bike. Laura is racing very strong right now.

Lisa Marangon is focusing on the shorter triathlons in 2011 as she works towards the possibility of London 2012. This is a big step up but if anyone has the determination and ability it is Lisa. Lisa has said she will be racing the club distance at Callala Beach this weekend. She has won a few rounds of the 2010/2011 triseries. This weekend she has two or three tough competitors. In 2010 Lisa won Busselton half ironman, was 3rd at Lake Placid ironman in the USA, 4th at Nepean and 2nd at the Canberra half ironman in December.

The top ten swim, bike and run times are below plus the top three in each age group and everyone’s results in one table. Natalie Van Coevorden was the only female to get a top ten spot in any of the legs.

Travis Shields won the first round just as he was peaking for IMWA and had a great race again in round 3 with an 8th overall and an age group 2nd place behind the talented Chris Dmitrieff. Chris is normally known for his long distance racing with some very good finishes over the years in long distance triathlons. Chris placed 8th in Ironman WA in 2008 with a time of 8:28 and a 3rd overall in the Port Macquarie half ironman in 2009 in 4:05.

Euan McNair pulled a heartilidge after doing some serious travelling to the northern hemisphere and decided not to race at the last minute after felling a ‘bit tired’. Euan has been training under Mark Newton of Herts and Jet Cycles fame. He has become very competitive in the last year for someone over 30 and working a serious job. Mark also trains Sam Douglas and first time winner last weekend Belinda Dent in the 35-39 age group.

Mick Maroney once again showed us what a great athlete he is. Another fast ‘old’ bloke is Scott Milson. For someone from Scotland he can swim fairly well and his run and bike are fast. Scott is training like a pro these days and has some good goals this year.

I didn’t race in round 2 but I have to say I was impressed with what the organisers put on for round 3. It was great to see a very accurate 5km run (although I was getting very close to going under 18mins on the old run course) and the swim was certainly more accurate than the first two rounds. Once the organisers get the bike course sorted this series has the potential to step up.

Open Category?

One thing missing (this was glaringly obvious) was an open age group. The fast guys and girls really struggled racing amongst us mere mortals. Having to cycle slowly through a no passing zone, swim around and over slower age groupers and then run on a packed course for full three laps is not what these elite guys and girls should be doing. If this race is going to be Sydney’s main triathlon series it would be good to see the fast crowd have the freedom to race hard. For them to step up to the next level they need to have the opportunities to really push themselves.

As a 40-44 age grouper who came 4th in this round I also think Mick Maroney should race in the open age group. It is only fair. Just kidding of course Mick although you did whinge a bit about the no passing lane and slow swimmers in front of you so the next race could be your opportunity if there is an open category. And after your ‘Sorry I am a superior athlete’ comment to your wonderfully talented charge I think you should race open.

There were two disqualifications in the race. Both were fast athletes. I know one of them who has been around for a while will have been not very happy. TriNSW’s Stephen Tudjman had to talk to us after the race about the no passing zone. Whilst it is a huge pain to pull up behind a slow cyclist and not be able to pass for 100m or so the rules were clear. I would be surprised if a car passed a cyclist in that area and there is definitely enough space to pass another cyclist safely. But rules are rules and we knew them before the race started. It is easy to forget though.

Top 10 Swim Times 
Michael FOX0:10:18
Sam DOUGLAS0:10:27
Matt BRADY0:10:33
Robert HURLEY0:10:34
Rob SKILLMAN0:10:38
Ben HAMMOND0:11:03
Matthew HOOD0:11:10
Mick MARONEY0:11:10
Samuel DALLY0:11:13
Liam RAPLEY0:11:23
Top 10 Bike Times 
Michael FOX0:28:37
Matt BRADY0:28:40
Sam DOUGLAS0:28:41
Robert HURLEY0:28:42
Mick MARONEY0:28:48
Travis SHIELDS0:28:59
Chris DMITRIEFF0:29:04
Ben HAMMOND0:29:11
Andrew MCFARLANE0:29:18
Scott MILSON0:29:28
Top 10 Run Times 
Andrew MCFARLANE0:16:40
Michael FOX0:16:45
Chris DMITRIEFF0:16:55
Andrew CROSS0:17:10
Ben HAMMOND0:17:14
Robert HURLEY0:17:22
Jarrad ADAMS0:17:25
Sam DOUGLAS0:17:30
Liam RAPLEY0:17:36
Natalie VAN COEVORDEN0:17:36
PosNameFinish timeCatCat PosSwimCycleRun
106Emma DAVIDSON1:09:52F 14-1710:12:080:35:010:22:44
162Isabella KHOUDAIR1:13:20F 14-1720:12:180:37:250:23:38
345Brianna POLSON1:24:44F 14-1730:14:120:45:130:25:19
21Natalie VAN COEVORDEN1:02:05F 18-2410:11:340:32:550:17:36
38Siobhan MCCARTHY1:04:59F 18-2420:11:590:33:220:19:38
235Rebecca CAMPBELL1:17:06F 18-2430:15:550:36:040:25:07
366Cushla MCFADDEN1:27:22F 18-2440:16:220:44:590:26:02
391Jenn PEKAR1:29:57F 18-2450:16:160:43:290:30:12
399Vikki LOVERIDGE1:32:08F 18-2460:14:390:46:410:30:49
76Kimberley RUSSELL1:08:15F 25-2910:12:060:33:310:22:38
85Clara BROWN1:08:52F 25-2920:13:580:34:520:20:03
97Kate GALLOP1:09:32F 25-2930:12:120:34:510:22:30
101Sian ELLISON1:09:47F 25-2940:14:510:34:300:20:26
127Natalie SILVESTRO1:11:11F 25-2950:14:080:37:070:19:57
147Sara WOODS1:12:24F 25-2960:14:350:35:550:21:54
153Lauren ATLEE1:13:00F 25-2970:14:200:35:580:22:43
190Gemma HOUGHTON1:14:41F 25-2980:14:230:35:010:25:17
230Anne GUETHOFF1:16:54F 25-2990:16:260:36:360:23:52
254Nadja KUNDRUS-LITTLE1:18:34F 25-29100:16:180:37:410:24:35
261Jill BOYLE1:19:17F 25-29110:15:130:38:490:25:16
282Sam PLAYFAIR1:20:15F 25-29120:18:170:37:560:24:03
295Bree CORBETT1:21:13F 25-29130:14:300:41:560:24:47
297Kate CONNOR1:21:21F 25-29140:16:270:41:030:23:52
327Amy BENNETT1:23:30F 25-29150:14:150:45:540:23:21
335Pavla VYSTRCILOVA1:23:58F 25-29160:14:430:41:460:27:30
372Michelle CASSIDY1:27:45F 25-29170:16:250:41:310:29:50
386Naomi MCFADDEN1:29:14F 25-29180:14:520:46:290:27:53
403Karen JEFFERY1:32:52F 25-29190:18:140:43:060:31:34
410Louise WILLDRIDGE1:34:02F 25-29200:13:560:50:350:29:31
418Kirstie BERTRAM1:35:52F 25-29210:16:050:45:120:34:36
445Angela DOBBIN1:57:46F 25-29220:15:541:12:360:29:16
16Lisa MARANGON1:01:31F 30-3410:11:320:31:030:18:57
31Laura SIDDALL1:03:49F 30-3420:12:330:31:190:19:58
42Monica DALIDOWICZ1:05:17F 30-3430:12:310:33:060:19:39
57Jenelle WEBSTER1:06:33F 30-3440:12:310:32:490:21:14
66Monica JUHART1:07:08F 30-3450:12:380:34:040:20:27
79Sarah DICK1:08:20F 30-3460:12:100:33:200:22:51
112Nicola HARRISON1:10:14F 30-3470:15:030:34:010:21:10
113Anna WOODROW1:10:21F 30-3480:13:020:35:230:21:57
117Penelope SINTON1:10:40F 30-3490:13:480:35:210:21:32
164Jane SHIELDS1:13:23F 30-34100:16:020:35:100:22:11
165Penny CSESZKO1:13:25F 30-34110:14:330:34:380:24:15
212Karen KNITTL1:15:56F 30-34120:12:510:37:180:25:47
220Rachael ARNOLD1:16:15F 30-34130:14:260:37:140:24:36
227Katharine CARTY1:16:44F 30-34140:15:590:40:290:20:16
259Immie MILLER1:19:04F 30-34150:13:240:39:200:26:21
270Kim MAURER1:19:40F 30-34160:14:150:37:330:27:53
301Amanda HIPWOOD1:21:35F 30-34170:20:100:38:080:23:17
305Amanda REED1:21:49F 30-34180:16:040:41:530:23:52
330Liza WILSON1:23:37F 30-34190:17:590:41:160:24:23
355Leigh O’NEILL1:25:49F 30-34200:16:330:45:060:24:10
374Catherine BAILEY1:27:49F 30-34210:18:100:42:05