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Maximising Cycling Power Mechanics – The Three Essentials you need to do

Imagine trying to hit a ball with a flexible bat, you lose energy and have to put in more effort compared to a rigid bat for the same result. If you use a rigid bat you can transfer more energy to the ball and it travels further. Your foot is a flexible system with an inbuilt arch and foot angulation that designed to absorb and return energy specifically for efficiency and reduced injury mechanics.
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Base & Aerobic Threshold Training

With the New Year here and the first part of the season behind us, there is a break with regards to long course and ironman racing. That means a lot of us will, and perhaps should look at this period as a mid season break and go back to developing our aerobic systems. This is especially important this year with Ironman Australia and Huskisson Long Course moving back a month and Cairns still six months away!
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Race Week – Freshen up with the Pros

The week before a key race such as an ironman can be testing. With all of the hard work done, often we're at a bit of a loss as to what to do. We know we are no longer in "training.." we know we should somehow start to feel "fresh," but at the same time our hormones and sleep patterns can get pretty out of whack! Throw in a time zone difference, some last minute work deadlines and interstate travel and it's easy to lose track of the main goal for the week - getting ready to race!
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Sports Massage as a Part of your Triathlon Training Program

Triathlon is an extremely demanding sport. Having just returned from the French training base of the Australian Triathlon team where she worked as the team physiotherapist and massage therapist Julia Russell witnessed first hand the volume and intensity of work that is required to be competitive at the top level. Even for those of us not competing at the elite level Julia is always amazed at the amount of work people manage to fit in around their professional and family lives.
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